Biodegradable Security Seals

Mega Fortris has been the proud leader in the development of the Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable Security Seals. Mega Fortris have always been committed to developing products that support a sustainable environment and contribute to a better future for all. Globally we are environmentally conscious and aware of the severe impact plastic waste has upon landfills, thus our team has been tirelessly designing and developing better solutions to ensure the sustainability of our planet.

As single-use plastic demands increase, which includes plastic security seals, we feel the need that as the global market leader we have to meet this necessary requirement without harming our planet. Hence, under our company’s Green initiative we are pleased to introduce the environmentally friendly and degradable security seal range.  This small change can create significant improvements in jointly sustaining the supply chain and the environment.

Without compromising on functionality, our compostable plastic security seals can be biologically broken down into their base compound when in contact with naturally occurring microbes. The byproducts of decomposition are both non-toxic to the environment and compatible in recycling.

Our biodegradable seals meet ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for compostable plastics.

This biodegradable product range has amongst others, the following benefits:

  • Fully compliant with the ISO 14021:1999 Standard under the definition of biodegradable.


  • Highly stable during shelf life & service life.


  • Does not degrade to fragments after manufacturing.


  • Compatible in recycling and nontoxic to the environment.


  • Effective biodegradation verified with ASTM D5511, ISO DIS 15985, ASTM D5526 & ASTM D5338

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    Mega Fortris Group of Companies is constantly innovating our product designs to ensure that we are the World leaders in changing and adapting our products to ensure that we play a key role in keeping our environment free of unnecessary elements that are harmful. Through the innovation of our degradable plastic security seals, we are proud to serve our clients’ sustainability and proud to be doing ‘our-part! “

    The need to go “green” and environmentally friendly, enables Mega Fortris to remain ahead of the competition, and pioneers in this field.

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