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Mega Fortris is proud to offer the unique MCLZ 5mm and 3.5mm cable seals which can be used across a multitude of different industries and applications. Typical applications for these products range from Sea freight, air cargo, Duty free, securing of high value goods, tankers, trucks and other road transport etc. The wide variety of
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Brexit blog banner repost
Uncertainty is the reality facing the Logistics industry at the moment in the months running up to Brexit. It has been suggested that the UK’s leading haulage and logistics corporations will require 50,000 new custom agents to fill gaps and deal with the major delays anticipated in the new year. The implications of the regulations
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Biodegradable Security Seals
Mega Fortris has been the proud leader in the development of the Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable Security Seals. Mega Fortris have always been committed to developing products that support a sustainable environment and contribute to a better future for all. Globally we are environmentally conscious and aware of the severe impact plastic waste has upon
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Container Security is paramount to deterring theft, protecting Cargo and eliminating damage during transit. Mega Fortris provide an all-round solution through our wide range of Security Seals and Load Secure equipment. Container Security Mega Fortris provides a range of high-quality container security seals. Some of our flagship products for containers, range from the Container Bolt
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As we continue to battle against the pandemic which has impacted all business operations / Industries, it is becoming ever more vital to adapt to changes in procedures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. During these unprecedented times, we have been working with many organisations to develop new safety products to provide an
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Security Labels Blog
NEW STOCK NOW AVAILABLE! Due to high demand we quickly sold out our first batch of stock, the second batch will now be available from Monday 29th June 2020. Preventing the spread of Covid-19 has been the motivation behind the development of these labels. The labels are designed to offer peace of mind by detecting
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Biodegradable Security Seal and Recyclable Green Strapping Banner

It is with great pleasure, and immense pride, that “Mega Fortris” is very proud to announce the launch of our latest Innovative, Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Green range of security seals & solutions. Mega Fortris – the global market leader in the manufacturing of innovative, intelligent security seals and solutions!

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Nestle Lorry with Biodegradable Security Seal

Mega Fortris Group are proud to announce our partnership with Nestle in changing their use of single use plastic security seals to Biodegradable Security Seals throughout their transport fleet.

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Pharmaceuticals Industry Medication Image

It has become evermore essential to ensure the safety and security of the supply chain within the Pharmaceuticals Industry.

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Cargo Being loaded onto Air plane

Department for Transport (DfT) oversees the European regulations to standardise and improve aviation security known as the “Consignor Scheme” for all forms of Air Cargo.

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