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Logistics is an everchanging industry that has new innovations year on year designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of the supply chain. The latest of these is the MOST device from the Mega Fortris Group. A real time monitoring system designed to help you take full control of your supply chain. This is accomplished by real time updates on external influences which may affect your cargo, and is easily accessed via our user friendly and web based interface.

The MOST device allows 24/7 data access and reporting and is unique in the fact that it will not only monitor Location but also has digital sensors which will monitor Shock, Temperature, Light and Humidity!

MOST device Applications and Benefits:

The Most Device is a powerful tool that can be used across a wide range of industries which include agriculture/food, electronics, property, textile, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transport and services. With its many features this device can be a key part of any supply chain which has goods with specific conditional requirements for transit or storage.

The primary use for this device is shipping and dry containers that will have longer haul journeys with more exposure. However, applications can also include small and large reefers, inland transport such as trucks and trailers and even fixed installations such as warehouses.

There are numerous benefits that can come from real time monitoring as follows:

  • Limiting adverse influences on your product quality will reduce claims against you or claims against exporters which can be costly.
  • Monitoring and optimization can help reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact.
  • Product monitoring can lead to reduced waste due to bad conditions.
  • Proactive actions from data will lead to competitive advantage.

MOST Device Features:

With a diameter of 125mm, a thickness of 30mm and weighing only 220g the MOST device is a compact but powerful tool for cargo monitoring. Using a GSM network connection, data is continuously uploaded from the sensors and allows all the information to be constantly accessible from the MOST control panel. The digital sensors are programable to send out alerts if the environment drops below or rises above the pre-set parameters.

Other features include:

  • One-touch activation.
  • 100-day battery life.
  • Reusable & rechargeable.
  • Location updates via GSM network.
  • Pre-calibrated for superior, laboratory-tested accuracy.
  • Strength of MOST antenna allows monitoring of any environment

MOST Control Panel Services Provided:

Our user-friendly mobile interface is designed to allow you to be able to effortlessly and continuously access data about the conditions of your cargo. Simply by logging into the control panel you can generate detailed tailor-made reports about your goods journeys that can be shared with any recipient. Through utilising this data, you can gain additional decision-making power to optimise your supply chain against losses, damages and human errors.

Features of the MOST control panel include:

  • User-friendly mobile interface.
  • No hardware or software installation.
  • Completely web-based: never lose data.
  • Share device data.
  • Geofencing.
  • Tailored reports at the push of a button.
  • Alarms and notifications via email and SMS.

Mega Fortris offers the MOST device as a solution to allow you to control more then ever your goods journey from start to finish. Optimise and control your supply chain and achieve success today.

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