Tamper Evident Security Solutions for Cash in Transit

Mega Fortris have worked closely with the cash in transit industry to manufacture and develop security seals and solutions; ensuring the safe transit of cash, secure transport of documents and manufacturing bespoke tamper evident products for the industry.

Securing Cash with one time use Security Bags: To secure the transportation of cash ensuring losses are completely minimised; Mega Fortris can help with this by manufacturing high quality Single Trip Tamper Evident Cash Bags which are all manufactured in house with 3 levels of security tape. Security of the cash being our main priority so every bag is manufactured to the highest standard and cannot be entered without leaving clear signs that removal of the cash/contents has been attempted. Being a manufacturer we also have the ability to manufacture Bespoke Single Trip Security Cash Bags completely to a customers requirements; we can make security bags able to hold a set number of cash notes, set weight, logo/printing on the outside of the bag, handles and much more.

Securing banking trolleys: The banking trolleys which hold a number of ATM Cassettes and Cash Bags require sealing so that the contents are extremely secure; for this we have the following: Premium Padlock Seal, Premium Pull Tight Seal and the higher security option: Mini Cable Seal which requires cable cutters to be removed.

Securing ATM Cassettes: Securing banking cash cassette boxes from unlawful entry is our Cassette Box Seals; these work by securely sealing the cassette boxes once closed with a unique identification number and can only open the cassette box afterwards by breaking the seal. A much higher security option for this is our Mini Cable Seal; this is highly tamper evident and requires Cable Cutters to remove however there is no way of breaking this by hand ensuring a high security tamper evident locking of the cassette box.

Securing Cash Sacks: Securing cash sacks which can also include other contents; we advise to use our Heavy Duty Pull Up Seal which fastens tight around the top bottle neck of a sack with added teeth spikes which provide greater grip in order to fasten it extremely secure and prevent entry to the cash sack. This is easily removed by hand with a tear off feature.

Securing Boxes & Other: We also have a wide range of security labels and tape which can be used in the cash in transit industry to secure various things such as cash cages, ATM cassettes, doors, boxes etc. The Non Residue labels leave no sign of markings on the application and can be made covert to just look like regular tape but read a void message when removed.

Securing Documents: We also have Multi Trip Document Bags which can often be used to transport the cash around internally; along with confidential cash in transit documents in order for them to remain secure and ensure that the contents have not been seen by anyone other than the intended recipient. These are sealed with a Document Bag Arrow Seal which is numbered and locks the zip in place whilst in transit; keeping the documents integrity secure and cannot be re-sealed with the same seal once broken. As a manufacturer we also have the option to make these completely bespoke to your requirements so please get in touch for more information on our: Bespoke Multi Trip Document Bags.

Securing Transport Vehicles: Depending on the level of security required to secure the van doors in cash in transit we advise either our non residue security labels which read a void message when removed which does not mark the van itself.

Please get in touch for more information on how Mega Fortris can help secure the Cash in Transit supply chain.

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