Mega Fortris is proud to offer the unique MCLZ 5mm and 3.5mm cable seals which can be used across a multitude of different industries and applications. Typical applications for these products range from Sea freight, air cargo, Duty free, securing of high value goods, tankers, trucks and other road transport etc.

The wide variety of applications suitable for these products is reflected in the unmatched protection they provide against attacks, and their clear Tamper Evident Properties. The non-linear lock body is designed to prevent shim attacks whilst shock proof ABS moulded over the lock body provides clear evidence of any tampering.  It also provides a clear laser marking area for permanent seal number, bar code and customer name or logo.

MCLZ 5mm Cable Seal

This product is ideal for securing containers for Sea freight and road transport due to its high tensile strength, high security and tamper evident features. Adopting the highest level of Security is especially important since according to Industry reports, 11% of all thefts in Europe in 2020 occurred in freight storage facilities. The Mega Fortris MCLZ 5mm cable seal is ISO 17712 “H” clause 5 and 6 accepted, and UK customs seals Group 1 high security accepted, assuring the highest level of security and protection against external threats.

mclz500 cable seal white locked
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MCLZ 3.5mm Cable Seal

This product is a versatile cable seal which can be used to secure goods in transit, air cargo, trucks, tankers, other road transport methods and more. Road transport accounted for 83.54% of thefts in the first half of 2020 and the UK recorded the highest number of major cargo losses in this period with as much as 63.6% of crimes valuing over £100,000. The high security features and tamper evidence of this seals offers peace of mind and reassurance that good are secured to the highest of standards.  The Mega Fortris MCLZ 3.5mm cable seal is ISO 17712 “H” clause 5 and 6 accepted and UK customs seals Group 1 high security accept.

The MCLZ range is unique and unmatched in the Security Seal Industry. It provides many security-conscious clients with an effective means to upgrade their supply chain security. No other Cable security seal offers such high tamper evidence and protection against tamper attacks. Certified to the highest of standards, ISO and HMRC UK customs, high security and quality are assured. Secure your valuable goods with Mega Fortris today.

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