Retail & Loss Prevention Mega Fortris have a complete range of Tamper Evident Security Products for the Retail & Loss Prevention Sector.

Retail & Loss Prevention Seals

These include Plastic & Metal Fixed Length & Plastic Pull Tight security seals, Higher Security Cable Seals, Bolt Seals, Bags, Labels & Tape. Plastic seals can sometimes be referred to as “Indicative seals” they are designed to show clear visual evidence of tampering. Mega Fortris have 2 Plastic Fixed Length seals, an Economy & a Premier Trailer Door Seal. Both are easy to apply & can be removed by hand without the need for any cutting tools. We also have 2 Metal Strip Fixed Length Seals to give additional security if required. Both have a corrosion resistant Plastic Flag.

We have a larger range of Plastic Pull Tight, also known as Pull Through security seals.

Our Premium Plastic Tamper Evident Security Seals are widely used for a range of applications including sealing distribution boxes or other types of enclosures. Manufactured in top quality grade nylon, it is currently available in 5, 8, 10 and 12-inch lengths, this is classed as a Premium Plastic Security product due to the metal locking mechanism, which secures the strap of the seal, Easy to apply, this thin strap version is suitable for small apertures.

We can also offer a Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal. This seal has a unique Stainless-Steel locking plate that strengthens the locking chamber, which is makes it highly tamper-evident thus giving enhanced protection. It has a large flag area which allows ample space for any extra marking that may be required or for applying custom made labels. The seal comes in two versions, Tear Off and Non-Tear Off based on different customer requirements. The Tear Off mechanism enables the seal to be removed easily by the user without the need for any cutting tools.

Our Pull Tight range of seals suit a wide range of applications. We have seals with a smooth tail making them user friendly for operators who are having to apply a high number of seals & a Double Locking Pull Tight seal offering an extra level of security.

For any applications that require a higher level of security then our Mini Cable Seal is a popular, user friendly & affordable, higher security option. It is moulded with high-impact ABS material with a galvanized steel wire rope. The high-resilient ABS material does not break easily but will clearly show evidence of tampering. The Mini Cable Seal is etched with permanently laser marked sequential serial numbers, but can also be custom printed with a name, logo or barcode.

Our Non-Residue Self-Adhesive labels are supplied with a sequential number as standard but can be customised with a customer name, logo or barcode. They are designed to visually deform when removal is attempted but leave no residue on the surface they have been applied too.

Our plain Security Tape delaminates when removed, leaving a Void Open message on the application surface and through the tape itself. When applied the tape does not show any indication that it is a Tamper Evident until opened, a useful feature where the user wishes the package to be inconspicuous.

The Mega Fortris range of Tamper Evident bags include single trip Security Envelopes available in a range of custom sizes and levels of security. The envelopes are easily sealed and show clear signs of tampering when breached. They are manufactured from material tough enough to withstand normal handling yet delicate enough to trigger tell-tale signs of Tampering.

Our Document & Mail Pouches are ideal for the safe transfer of documents between departments.

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