Law Enforcement
For law enforcement we manufacture Evidence Security Bags which can be utilised for many different applications including: criminal evidence, personal possessions, documents, contaminated items, confiscated goods and many other applications.

Law Enforcement

The Evidence Security Bag has highly tamper evident tape and sealed edges to ensure that once the tape has been sealed its contents cannot be tampered with without showing obvious signs that the bag has been breached which is vital in ensuring the evidence is collected from a crime scene and taken and stored in the evidence room of the law enforcement agency.

As a manufacturer of these security bags we can also make Bespoke Evidence Security Bags; these can be manufactured to size, colour, and exact specs required by the law enforcement agent such as branding; exact placement of markings for writing dates etc on and offer the highest standard of security.

A versatile security product we offer is also the Non Residue Security Label. This is highly tamper evident and shows clear signs when removal is attempted by reading void on the label as it is peeled off; this leave no residue on the surface on which it was applied and are numbered for easy tracking through law enforcement documents.

We offer two plastic pull tight seals for the law enforcement industry; the first being the Versatile Pull Tight Seal which features a metal locking mechanism and is highly tamper evident; this comes in various lengths and colours enabling it to be used to secure a wide range of applications such as property bins, identification tagging, property tagging plus many more. The other is the Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal which is often used to secure evidence sacks or property sacks which features teeth in the locking mechanism which sink into the sack when pulled right up tight ensuring the contents cannot be breached and features a tear off feature for easy removal.

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