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Loaded with power for Real-Time-Monitoring

MOST has five sensors that detect location, temperature, humidity, light and shock. The device connects to the internet via a GSM modem and continuously uploads data to keep you informed about your cargo’s environment and location.

Unbroken communication

With connection to the GSM network you will never have to worry about missing out on important information regarding your cargo. The all-in-one functionality of the MOST device lets the user monitor all external influences during the journey.

Backup to the cloud most

Stores all your data seamlessly during the journey with cloud-supported backups. The device wirelessly synchronizes and backs up your data to the MOST control panel, letting you access reports and alerts over the web or via the mobile interface.


The Enabler

Multi-function digital device

Digital Sensors

MOST Features five sensors
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Current problem in the market

Lack of real-time data is a major problem throughout the supply chain

MOST device Supply Chain information


  • One-touch activation battery.
  • 100-day battery life
  • Reusable & rechargeable
  • Digital pre-calibrated sensors for laboratory-tested accuracy
  • Automatic data backup to the cloud
  • Antenna strength enables monitoring of any environment

Benefits and Features

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Real-Time Reporting / Alarms

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