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Lashing blog image
Container lashing is a fast and effective load securing system to protect against damage during transit. Container lashing is used due to its versatility for different applications and ease of use in securing different sized objects in containers. There are various applications that can be secured while in transit for example, diesel generator manufacturers, machinery,
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MCLZ and Domino SP brexit Ireland B;og Banner
Tough Brexit changes has presented many issues for goods moving across the border from not only mainland Europe, but also on routes to Ireland. Increased checks, new regulations and customs duties are now being conducted and making the journey far more complex. Preparation and adapting to this new situation is critical in order to have
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MCLZ 250 domestic travel blog banner
Thefts into goods in transit is on the rise for UK road transport, with peak periods of demand still approaching. The requirement for a high-quality cable seal is fundamental to shield and protect goods against any fraudulent attacks. Mega Fortris offers a high-quality solution for goods traveling throughout the UK in the form of the
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As we continue to battle against the pandemic which has impacted all business operations / Industries, it is becoming ever more vital to adapt to changes in procedures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. During these unprecedented times, we have been working with many organisations to develop new safety products to provide an
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ISO 17712 and C-TPAT
C-TPAT C-TPAT Compliant Seal There are many security seal manufacturers who claim that they can offer a C-TPAT “Compliant” security seals. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a C-TPAT Compliant seal as the C-TPAT Board does not issue seal certificates or carry out tests on the seal. What is C-TPAT? C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against
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RFsi seal blog banner
How could an RFID Seal save Millions of Pounds? Are you a fan of Football? Or Soccer as the audience in the Wild West likes to call it! Well Football or Soccer whatever floats your boat. Either way the story we have recently heard in the news will make you a little sad. However if
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Ready for tomorrow blog banner
Mega Fortris bring the Old School Techniques and New Technology to provide the perfect Security Solution. Mega Fortris have been working with organisations to overcome their transport security solutions for over 18 years. We understand the issues that have developed over the years. As the intruders develop their techniques to break into Containers and trailers,
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Take the next step for your Logistics Process. Mega Fortris Security Seals UK is a leading manufacturer and specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions. Mega Fortris have been working with organisations within various industries to understand the issues they may be facing in Cargo Transportation. May it be through Road,
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