Asset Protection & Identification
Mega Fortris have primarily manufactured security seals for high tamper evidence; but due to the high security level and the nature of the business being one time use sealing they work perfectly for tagging assets for inspection tagging and for key holding security.

Asset Identification & Protection Seals

The Key ID Tag works perfectly for tagging individual keys and securely fastens to them in order to identify what they are for; it is available in different colours for ease of inspection if certain keys are used by different sectors of a company for example. The Key ID Tag can be laser marked with numbers and indentation labels in order for it to easily be able to identify the origin of each key and work back through paperwork of logging keys in and out.

We also manufacture Tamper Evident Asset Labels; these are security oriented labels which can be fixed onto a certain asset with an ID number for ease of identification and will not leave a residue on the machinery / application when removed. There is the option to fully customise these or have them so that they leave a residue when removed; please enquire for more information.

Our Long Term Asset Cable Seal offers a much longer life duration with a higher ability to withstand the every day wear and tear that the seals may come up against in some of the more brutal environments. With the Long Term Asset Cable Seal being laser etched into plastic; scratches will not affect the markings so it will be able to be read for a much longer time. With this being a cable seal and requiring cable cutters to be removed it means that simple knocks will not leave your asset with no way of identifying it.

For ease of inspection we also have the Large Tab Asset Tag; which offers a larger tab so is easier to spot for quicker auditing of assets and is available in a variety of colours making this even easier.

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