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Food and beverage seals and load secure blog
The food and beverage industry is one of the UK’s largest markets for production and distribution of goods. It currently employs 430,000 people in the manufacturing sector alone, as well as 4.3m people being employed in the entirety of the UK supply chain. The importance of this industry is reflected in the turnover of over
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Polyester composite strapping blog banner
Across all industries there are goods of all shapes, sizes and weights that makes finding quality solutions that fit your needs difficult. Our Polyester Composite strapping is used to secure a diverse range of goods for storage in warehouses as well as transit via road, rail, and sea. The applications vary from heavy construction materials,
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Biodegradable Keystone blog banner image
The environmental situation facing the world is very concerning and a large part of this is due to plastic waste. With the world currently generating 300 million tonnes of plastic waste a year, a significant portion of this being single use plastic which does not degrade. This has led to as much as 8 million
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