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The effective securing of loads of goods requires solutions that fit the properties of those goods. Strapping is a solution that fits the needs of many different applications because of the various sizes and features that different strap widths and lengths can offer. As well as variation in sizes different strapping types fit different uses, such as Polyester Composite strap and Woven Polyester strapping that is the focus of this blog. The common use for woven polyester strapping is heavy duty items due to the strength and tight hold offered to large loads. Suitable applications include construction materials but specifically timber that is used for timber frames, roof trusses or general construction.

This is a rapidly growing market that has contributed to the overall housebuilding sector in the UK increasing by 2.5% in 2020. This led to revenue from the timber housing sector reaching £800 million in 2020. This large growth of this construction method is expected to continue, with a predicted £40m growth per year through to 2024. This is seen early in 2021 with sales of timber and joinery products up over 18% in January 2021 compared to January 2020. As well as the value of construction projects with costs under £100m starting in the 3 months into April 2021 being 30% higher than the year before. The UK construction industries has used on average over 5 million cubic metres of softwood each year, with this number only increasing over time. However even with this increase in demand, 80% of the timber used for refurbishments and fit-out operations is imported from abroad with 90% of new build timber being imported also.

This leads to a large amount of bulk shipments of timber needing to be moved large distances over long periods of time, requiring strong security throughout to avoid damage that could be detrimental to construction deadlines. Woven polyester strapping can deliver many benefits for this sector, as it provides a strong tight hold on varying load sizes for storage or transport via truck, trailer, and containers. An additional benefit is woven strapping can even provide support for crane lifts when the goods reach the construction sites.

Woven Polyester strapping provides excellent strength when the system is applied to the chosen load with strap widths ranging from 13mm to 25mm and coil lengths up to 1100m. Allowing break strains equaling the strength of steel strapping, but with only 16% of the weight under similar specifications. Often making this the ideal alternative to steel banding and costly ratchet straps. In addition to its advantages in strength Woven polyester strapping is also extremely reliable and user friendly. The strapping retains applied tension over long periods of time because of its high temperature and climate resistance reducing the chance of relaxation. Additionally, the Woven straps have the advantage of remaining tighter on applications than steel strapping systems on loads that contact or compress. Besides the reliability the woven straps also have no sharp edges that can damage goods or the employee’s while in use making this strap safer to handle, but also to cut under tension due to reduced chances of whiplash.

Our woven polyester strapping is ideal for securing a wide range of goods in transit or storage including timber shipments. This is because of the strength offered, but also the protection for the goods with most of the timber used for constructions being soft woods that can be damaged by strain and sharp edges under tension.

Accompanying products

Phosphate buckles are made of steel and slightly roughened due to a special surface finishing to secure strapping systems.

We provide tensioners made from the highest quality materials that allows quality tensioning for straps up to 40mm widths.

The mobile strap dispenser is equipped with two metal side windows and a band brake. The metal side plates prevent lateral slipping of the strap, while the band brake reduces the run of the coil.

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