Courier / Postal Services Mega Fortris products secure the courier industry from courier vans secured with Sprinter Van Labels to show clear signs of the cargo being breached to Multi Trip Document Bags for confidential documents being transported whilst their contents remaining unseen.

Security Seals for Courier / Postal Services

The Van Security Labels are non residue labels so leave no signs that they have been there on the van doors after removal; when the doors are attempted to be opened the label peels away and reads void and cannot be re-sealed without the void message showing. This shows clear evidence that the contents of the courier van may have been tampered with.

As we manufacture the labels there is also the option to have Bespoke Labels made exactly to the size required with all of the following able to change: logo customisation, numbering, colour, void message.

We also have the Heavy Duty Pull Tight seal which can be used either to secure roll cages in the warehouse; or to be used to secure delivery sacks by being pulled up tight around the top. We also manufacture the Twin Locking Plastic Seal which offers another level of security when securing roll cages or any doors.

If goods are being transported by distribution/tote boxes; our Distribution Box Seal is the ideal fit to seal the box which is numbered and can be recorded against the paperwork to make sure the same numbered seal is intact at the other end so that the contents can not have been breached in transit; it also offers a tear off function for easy removal. For securing boxes etc; we have Security Box Tape; this is the same as regular tape in keeping the structural state of a box intact; but also leaves a void message when removed so you know that someone has breached the contents.

If the couriers are transporting documents; we manufacture Security Envelopes and Multi Trip Document Bags. The Security Envelops are a one time use option and available in A4 or A5, opaque and transparent and can be wrote on with vital transport information such as date recipient etc. The security tape on these once sealed cannot be opened without showing clear signs that someone has attempted to read the documents inside.

The Multi-Trip Document Bag transports documents securely by an arrow seal being applied to secure the zip in place once closed; it is numbered and recorded and once removal is attempted the same numbered seal cannot be used again.

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