Container Security is paramount to deterring theft, protecting Cargo and eliminating damage during transit. Mega Fortris provide an all-round solution through our wide range of Security Seals and Load Secure equipment.

Container Security

Mega Fortris provides a range of high-quality container security seals. Some of our flagship products for containers, range from the Container Bolt Seal, Klicker 2K Bolt Seal, MCLZ Cable Seal and more.

Klicker 2K Bolt Seal

The Klicker 2K is a strong, tamper-evident, high security bolt seal which consists of a hardened steel pin which is bush moulded with resilient high impact ABS. With immense tensile strength and anti-spin locking mechanisms, the Klicker 2K is widely used in shipping, securing intermodal containers and ground transportation. It is also the world’s first container bolt seal to feature a unique two colours in its design which acts to enhance the product definition, visibility and identification and also prevents cloning.

With the development of the Klicker 2K, there are two core tamper evident features. The first feature is the 1 way locking system which stops the twist and spin attacks which can be conducted on bolt seals. Secondly, the seal is designed with the safety feature to trigger indicative tamper evidence. If any attempt is made to attack the seal, it will result in a crack in the ABS plastic, thereby highlighting a potential security breach.

2K Klicker Bolt Seal blue-open
Container bolt seal blue-open, Container Bolt Lock

Container Bolt Lock

The Container Bolt Lock is our original bolt seal and is still the preferred choice by many of our consumers.

The Container Bolt is mainly used for ground transportation on trailers and shipping containers.

The Container Bolt Lock’s locking mechanism, is embedded in a groove in the metal bush, making the seals stronger and making them more difficult to tamper with.

MCLZ Cable Seal

The security value of this unique product is unmatched in the security seal industry and will provide our many security-conscious clients with an effective means to upgrade their supply chain security. No other cable security seal offers equally high tamper evidence features, excellent protection against tamper attacks and a locking mechanism that is protected against picking.

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  • Unique to the security seal industry, this 3rd generation cable security seal features a non-linear lock body design that prevents shim attacks. Shock-proof ABS is moulded over the zinc lock body providing clear signs of tampering and enables clear laser marking of permanent seal number, bar code and customer name or logo.
  • One end of the cable is permanently secured in the lock body and is protected against tampering by a protruding wire guide. The non-linear insert hole features a locking mechanism design that offers unmatched protection against picking.
  • The lock body of the MCL 500 Z features a large print space for laser marking which provides the most tamper-resistant and tamper-indicating properties, as it cannot be altered without showing clear signs of tampering.

Load Securing Equipment

Mega Fortris also provide a wide range of load securing products from Dunnage Bags, Strapping, Lashing and more. We cater to your needs in securing containers and provide an all-round solution for all application types.

Dunnage Bags

Our Dunnage bags provide appropriate and cost-effective cargo stabilization within ISO Railcars, Trailers, Sea Containers, and cargo being transported through ocean going vessels. We offer Paper and Woven Dunnage Bags in a variety of sizes to meet customer requirements.

Paper Dunnage bags are made from two layers of skin, the outside skin is made from semi-extensible and form-stable kraft paper of high tensile strength. The inner skin, called inliner, is manufactured from coextruded polyethylene (PE) and holds the air within the bag. The inner component provides optimum pressure and the outer component provides optimum strength.

Woven dunnage bags with an outer skin from robust and environmentally resistant polypropylene are best suited for heavy load and unfavourable climatic conditions. Our especially designed ultra-flat valve facilitates the use of our bags in tight gaps and those which are difficult to access, while our standard valve ideally serves most conditions.

Paper Dunnage Air Bags
Woven Lashing with Buckle


Woven Lashing provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to conventional straps and / or elaborate wooden structures for securing cargo. Woven Lashing can be used as a load securing method on flat racks, railway wagons or shipping containers.

Specifications for Woven Lashing:

  • High tensile strength
  • Easy handling
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • Suitable for all carriers
  • Combinable with other cargo securing systems – e.g. dunnage bags

Container Desiccants

Container Desiccants are essential to secure your cargo from moisture during transit. We have a range of Container Desiccants for all types of cargo. A favourable one for a wide range of consumers is the Absorpole.

Absorpole Container Desiccant
Absorpole-container application

Absorpole is based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air. The absorbed water is captured into a collector and will not reevaporate. Absorpole is easy to use and designed to occupy minimal container space will full functionality.

The collector is impact resistant for added protection in the event of shifting cargo. Install Absorpole in the container lashing rings by hanging it with the provided hook.

Absorpole can be used for any type of cargo that allows at least 5 cm space between the cargo and the Absorpole. Therefore, they work particularly well in tightly packed containers.

For an all-round solution to securing your cargo contact our friendly sales team.

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