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Mega Fortris UK – Supplying the UK with Security Seals

Mega Fortris UK Ltd is part of the Mega Fortris Group of Companies. Mega Fortris UK performs as a regional sales office to the UK & Irish market sectors. We manufacture and supply tamper evident security seals and other security solutions, security bags, security labels and security tape. Our product range has the coverage of applications to suit your business, including cable seals and high security container seals for shipping lines. , as well as security bags for cash in transit and key management systems.

This means you can find a variety of tamper evident solutions to protect your supply chain and provide peace of mind all under one roof.


Our team in Burntwood, Staffordshire has extensive experience in providing relevant security products and solutions to a wide selection of industries from the West Midlands, London and all the way up to Scotland.

Whether you’re after security seals to labels, tape and labels or something else, our high quality product lines are used and relied on around the world offering the reassurance of time tested security, backed by passionate customer service.

Introducing Biodegradable Security Seals


Tamper Evident Vehicle Key Bags to Prevent Cross-Contamination

As we continue to battle against the pandemic which has impacted all business operations / Industries, it is becoming ever more vital to adapt to changes in procedures to ensure the safety of employees and customers. During these unprecedented times, we have been working with many organisations to develop new safety products to provide an

Security Labels for the Safe Control of Sanitisation and Quarantine

NEW STOCK NOW AVAILABLE! Due to high demand we quickly sold out our first batch of stock, the second batch will now be available from Monday 29th June 2020. Preventing the spread of Covid-19 has been the motivation behind the development of these labels. The labels are designed to offer peace of mind by detecting

Paint your Supply Chain Green!

It is with great pleasure, and immense pride, that “Mega Fortris” is very proud to announce the launch of our latest Innovative, Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Green range of security seals & solutions. Mega Fortris – the global market leader in the manufacturing of innovative, intelligent security seals and solutions!