Defence Mega Fortris have a range of Tamper Evident Security Seals for the Defence Industry.

Seals for the Defence

Focussed on the safe transportation of products, our Plastic & Metal Fixed Length, Plastic Pull Tight, Cable, Bolt & Bar Security Seals, will suit a whole range of sealing applications. Plastic seals can sometimes be referred to as “Indicative seals” they are designed to show clear visual evidence of tampering. Our Premier Trailer Door Plastic Fixed Length Seals are easy to apply & can be removed by hand without the need for any cutting tools.

Our Versatile Pull Tight Tamper Evident Seals suit a range of applications including sealing distribution boxes or other types of enclosures. Manufactured in top quality grade nylon, it is currently available in 5, 8, 10 and 12-inch lengths, this is classed as a Premium Plastic Security product due to the metal locking mechanism, which secures the strap of the seal, Easy to apply, this thin strap version is suitable for small apertures.

The Mega Fortris Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal is suitable for securing Sacks, Bags and Roll Cages. It has a unique Stainless-Steel locking plate that strengthens the locking chamber for improved protection. It has a large flag which gives the option to have extra information to be printed on it or for applying a large pre-printed label to it and an option of a tear-off mechanism for removal of the Seal without the need for any cutting tools. This Seal has a Tensile Strength of 42kgs.

For applications requiring a higher level of Security, we have a Premium range of Security Seals suitable for securing Vehicle & Container doors.

The High Security Barrier Seal has a locking mechanism embedded in the groove of the metal securing bush, this makes the seal stronger and more difficult to tamper with.

Our Premium Metal Cable Seals, available in several sizes, are unmatched in the industry and provide our many Security conscious clients with an effective means to upgrade their supply chain Security. No other Cable Security Seal offers equally high Tamper Evidence features, excellent protection against tamper attacks and a locking mechanism that is protected against picking. This Cable Seal is widely used on Trucks, Tankers, Air Cargo Containers, Shipping Containers, Calibrators and Valves.

The High Security Cable Bolt Seal combines the proven Security features and strength of our Cable and 2K Klicker Bolt Seals. These Security Seals are used worldwide to protect highly valuable & hazardous goods during transport in containers and trucks.

Our High Security Double Locking Cable Seal is a user-friendly but Highly Tamper Evident product. It is available with either 3.5mm or 5.0mm diameter cable in various lengths to suit applications with different Security requirements. The Double Locking Cable Seal consists of 2 Cable seals for extra Security. The Seals are secured once the wire passes through the one-way locking mechanism. This Seal has been designed to provide additional security for valuable & hazardous goods in transit.

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