Airline Security Seals Our range of small plastic padlock and pull through seals provide security solutions for many in-flight applications; including duty-free trolleys, safety cabinets, storage containers, and many other small sealed enclosures.

Security Seals for Airlines Industry

Airline versatile fast seal: The airline versatile fast seal is available in 5″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ lengths. It has a Metal locking mechanism to protect against hot water attacks and provides a greater locking strength. The airline fast seal is manufactured in nylon and has a pull-strength of 21kgs. The airline fast seal can be used to secure carts or distribution boxes containing goods when transporting stock from the bonds. This airline fast seal also is available as a Tear-off version.

Airline Security Padlock: The Airline security padlock is a flat, slim, user friendly plastic seal, suitable for securing catering and duty-free trolleys. This seal can be applied and removed with one hand. Available in a wide range of colours, sequentially numbered or custom printed, the seal can be removed without the use of any cutting tools reducing the risk of any health & safety issues.

High Security Airline Padlock: We also have a high security version of the padlock, this is has been specifically designed to support the airlines with reducing losses. It is also suitable for securing catering & duty-free trolleys. The solid combination of the Metal Hasp’s ABS High-Impact body with a stainless-steel hasp provides great strength and durability & an increased level of security. The wire hasp is scored to allow easy removal by hand. Designed for single use. The transparent body allows a visual check that the seal is properly locked. It provides an alternative to conventional padlocks while giving clear tamper evidence.

Airline Trolley Cart Seal – MCLP 2 Colour cable seal Our new 2 colour cable seal has been engineered to the highest manufacturing standards. This cable seal is user friendly and is highly tamper evident. The colour cable seal is best used for securing products during transportation. The body of the cable seal has been made with a Zinc cast and moulded with $with high-impact ABS material, and uses a galvanized steel wire rope. The resilient high-impact ABS material does not break easily and shows unmistakable evidence of tampering. 2 colours for improved visibility, available barcoded, sequentially numbered or custom printed. This is a high-level security seal requiring cable cutters to remove.

Airline Security Labels: Non-Residue Labels – Our security labels provide a clear visual indication of tampering by revealing a hidden message alerting people that the product or package may have been tampered with. They suit a wide range of applications, including sealing doors & cabinets/trolleys & distribution boxes being used to transport products. These security labels are current being used on the external cargo hatches of the aircraft to show clear evidence of tampering from unauthorised access.

Airline Cash Bag: Security Envelope – Our tamper evident security envelopes are made from 100% recycled plastic. They are available in a range of sizes A3, A4 & A5. The envelopes are easily sealed and show clear signs of tampering when breached. All bags come with an Alphanumeric Bar Code and Serial Number with matching receipt. Each envelope has a white address panel that allows for information to be wrote on using normal ball point pen. Applications include the transfer of confidential and sensitive documents along with cash collected at the end of flights for charities etc.

Airline Duty Free Bags: ICAO Bags – Duty Free Tamper Evident bags conform to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations to enhance airport and duty-free supply chain security. These are marked with the 3 Character airport code in which duty free goods that have been purchased as per the ICAO regulations. Each duty free bag has an Internal Transparent Pocket for the display of receipts as proof of purchase at an airport duty-free shop, or on-board the aircraft. Hidden markings are revealed when the security tape is tampered with.

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