In educational establishments; Mega Fortris products are used mainly to sure the security of information through confidential documents and examination papers – making sure that the contents are not breached during transit and storage.

Security Seals for Schools, Colleges, Universities & more

Based on this Mega Fortris manufacture products to suit this exact application with the following two products: Multi Trip Document Bags and the Single Trip Document Security Envelopes.

The Multi Trip Document Bag is extremely qualified to transport documents from A to B; the confidential documents or examination papers are kept secure via the unique arrow locking mechanism chamber which is sealed by a Document Bag Arrow Seal which is numbered and locks the zip in place meaning that if intact at the other end of transportation the contents have not been breached. The Multi Trip Document Bag cannot be opened once sealed without breaking the uniquely numbered security seal.

The Single Trip Security Envelope can be used to transport examination papers, money, personal possessions and much more around a school to ensure that the contents of the envelope are kept secure. The envelope is available in opaque and transparent and can be wrote on to provide further details of the contents or the date that it has been sealed for example. The bag is then sealed once contents have been put in and provides high tamper evidence with the bag being unable to be opened without showing clear signs of tampering.

We also offer Non Residue Security Labels which are highly versatile and leave no residue on the application once removed. The label itself reads void when removal is attempted to show tampering; these can be used for fire exits, specific cabinets, fire alarms, computer checks, document folders and many more applications.

The Versatile Pull Tight Seal which can be used on fire exits, fire extinguishers and ballot boxes for any internal voting without an educational system is also a highly tamper evident seal which shows clear indicative signs of tampering.

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