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Car seals are manufactured in house by Mega Fortris and used for the lockout of valves

Car Seals

Available in various cable lengths and sizes.

Lockout Tagout Industry

Our Car Seals are one-time single-use high security cable seals which cannot be tampered with without showing clear signs and are used to seal valves when either open or closed. Car seals are perfect for usage to seal a valve in the open or closed position as available in different colours (Red & green). Due to the quality of the product they can seal a valve for extremely long durations an example being securing an isolation valve in a closed position.

The car seals are highly tamper evident when sealing valves; they can only be removed with Wire Cutters; and when the cable is cut it splays to ensure the seal cannot be re-sealed.

We manufacture all car seals on site here in the UK in different variations of cable thickness (2.5mm & 3.5mm) and with different cable lengths for the sealing of valves of different sizes (18cm/20cm/60cm/100cm). If you visit our full cable seal range and make an enquiry we can also get any of the seals available cut to the lengths required. We also offer a plastic alternative where valves need a less secure but indicative sealing; this is our Plastic Lockout Seal which is 3.5mm thick and 45cm in length which is highly versatile for short valve sealings. Full Details of what we offer are below:

Car Seal 2.5mm 18cm

Car Seal 2.5mm 60cm

Car Seal 2.5mm 100cm

Car Seal 3.5mm 20cm

Car Seal 3.5mm 60cm

Car Seal 3.5mm 100cm

The use of car seals to properly secure safety valves assists in ensuring your company meets their responsibilities under national occupational safety legislation, such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER Regs). Please get in touch with us for more information on how our security seals can assist on this.

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