Waste & Document Waste Management
Mega Fortris UK have a full range of security seals ideal for waste and document management from applying seals for securing waste disposal to securing documents for archive storage. All of our security seals offer clear visual signs of tampering and are clearly numbered for identification.

Security Seals for Waste & Document Waste Management

For secure document management operations; a seal is needed to ensure that confidential information can not be compromised during transit or storage. We offer both Multi Trip Document Bags and Single Trip Security Envelopes for the transit of documents which are both highly tamper evident and ensure that the documents are not breached.

For the secure Shredding / Waste Disposal sacks; full of documents/waste that have to be securely disposed of we offer two pull tight seals ideal with tamper evident features and added spikes which securely fasten around the neck of a sack to prevent removal without clear signs. We offer the Pull Tight Sack Seal and for added security offer the Heavy Duty Pull Tight Sack Seal; both of which are easily removed by hand. For waste disposal bins that need to be secured when full; we offer the Mini Cable Seal which is highly secure and requires a cable cutter to be removed.

We also have a highly tamper evident Double Locking Pull Tight Seal which is versatile to be used on many applications.

For the archiving and storage of documents and files; we offer highly tamper evident Non Residue Security Labels which can be applied over the hinge of a tote box or cardboard document box leaving no signs of residue when removed; but highly tamper-evident features which reads void on the label itself when removed.

Our security seals can be utilised from the start to finish of the document/waste collection ensuring a secure collection to disposal cycle.

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