Security Seal Awareness : Global Threats Comparison

In the modern world there is an importance and an acknowledgement for the need to have antivirus software to help protect us against web attacks such as malware, identity theft and online fraud. Every online user commits extra effort into ensuring that our antivirus is set to “auto update” and that we conduct virus scans on a frequent basis to give us a ‘piece of mind’ in terms of protections from the vast growing online threats of the future.

In comparison, it may come as a surprise that many companies with a need for supply chain security/protection, do not make an efforts to regularly look into the features of the security seals they choose for their supply chains. This means they are overlooking the benefits or potential risks their seals are adding to their supply chain vulnerability.

What Is A Security Seal?

A seal is a numbered physical device or seal that is placed over locking mechanisms to ensure that they are not opened without authorization (on purpose or by accident). Once placed, the seal cannot be removed without causing its destruction, that is, a physical force on it that causes damage and consequently prevents future reuse.

The seals can be made of plastic or metal. According to their tensile strength, seals can be distinguished into three:

  • High security seals
  • Security Seals
  • Indicative Seals
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The characteristics of security seals are precisely what distinguish poorly designed security seals from unique and innovative security seal designs. The strength and tamper evident features serve a real purpose, and add value.

The reason Mega Fortris has grown to become the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of tamper-proof security products is our proven dedication to developing unique product designs that deliver real value to the supply chain.

Why use security seals?

Many seals are being developed to meet specific criteria for different applications, some of these criteria are defined by programs such as C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and other international requirements, but often the requirements for security seals are fully defined by the application or the specific situation in which the security seals are used.

In the logistics industry, a large percentage of tamper-evident tampering occurs even before the carton, truck trailer, or ocean container leaves the loading point. Therefore, security seal users who make a conscious decision to use security seals specifically designed to facilitate detection of prior tampering will reap the benefits of decreased theft.

In other words, security seals that provide easy identification of pre- tampering also serve the purpose of being “pilferage deterrent”.

Often, the cost difference between using a poorly designed security seal and a uniquely designed product that adds real value in the supply chain is only a few cents per seal, so a cost-benefit analysis will most likely prove that it pays to choose good security seal designs.

Mega Fortris is very successful because our entire product development process is focused on designing security seals in the latter category. Our products offer real value to the end users, by providing the highest level of tamper detection.

A seal is NOT just a seal!

Challenges for the logistics industry

Product Development

Product Development

The two primary purposes of a security seal are to resist tampering and provide proof of tampering.

The important challenge for the security seal industry is to continuously developing products that meet or exceed the requirements of the market while providing unique tamper detection features. Equally important is the challenge for security seal manufacturers to educate the users of security seals. This includes making educated choices on what security seals to use for different applications and situations, how to use them and what procedures should be implemented around the usage of the seals.



How can Mega Fortris Help you?

Product quality, precise lead times, good customer service and cost competitive pricing are ALL important parameters, but what makes Mega Fortris truly different, is our uncompromising and unwavering focus on developing unique security seal designs that add value.

Mega Fortris believes in one word that drives us towards success… ‘Awareness’.

Through continuous research and development Mega Fortris strives to raise global awareness of the need for security seals and protecting the global supply chain.

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