Road Transport, Warehousing & Logistics Mega Fortris have a complete range of Plastic & Metal Fixed Length & Plastic Pull Tight security seals, that will suit a whole range of sealing applications. Plastic seals can sometimes be referred to as ``Indicative seals`` they are designed to show clear visual evidence of tampering.

Security Seals for Road Transport, Warehousing & Logistics

For Road Transport we have 2 versions of Plastic Fixed Length seals, an Economy Fleetlock & a Premier Simulock Trailer Door Seal. Both are easy to apply & can be removed by hand without the need for any cutting tools. We also have a 2 Metal Strip Fixed Length Seals to give additional security if required. Both have a corrosion resistant Plastic Flag.

We have a larger range of Plastic Pull Tight, also known as Pull Through security seals. Our Plastic Fixed Length seals are used widely in the Transport & Logistics Industries for sealing Curtain Sided Vehicles, Trailer Doors and Tanker Valves transporting Bulk Food & Liquids.

Easy to apply with thin strap versions suitable for small apertures & eyelets, certain products are also available with a “Tear Off” option allowing the seal to be removed without the need for cutting tools. In our Pull Tight range, we have seals to suit a wide range of applications.

We have seals with a smooth tail making them user friendly for operators who are having to apply a high number of seals, others that have a large flag, perfect for applications requiring more information, company logos, bar codes or labels & a double locking Pull Tight seal offering an extra level of security.

Our complete range of Fixed Length and Pull Tight plastic and metal security seals provides you with an ideal sealing and identification solution for all Road Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing applications. Our products are available with a sequential serial number as standard.

We also have an In-House custom printing facility enabling customers to have their seals printed with their Company Name, Logo or Barcodes.

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