Petrochemical / Oil and Gas UK

Petrochemical / Oil and Gas UK

Mega Fortris manufacture the highest quality securing solutions to the Petrochemical / Oil & gas industry; ensuring the safe sealing of valves, sealing of IBC intermediate Bulk Containers and manufacturing cut to length security cable seal products for the industry.

Securing Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s)

An intermediate bulk container, IBC tote, or pallet tank, is a reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and requires securing with a security seal to ensure that the contents does not become contaminated – we believe our IBC Seal is the perfect solution to this as it is food grade and an ideal fit. For a higher security option we have the Mini Cable Seal which requires a Cable Cutter to be removed.

Securing Chemical Drums

The sealing and Identification of liquid drums is vital in maintaining that the contents do not get contaminated. Mega Fortris Manufacture the highest grade of security seals to combat this which are built to last against harsh environments. Our Metal Cable Locks available in multiple thicknesses for different grades of security ensure along with the sequential numbers marked ensure that your drums when sealed with a security seal will not get contaminated.

Securing Valves

Car seals are manufactured in house by Mega Fortris and used for the lockout of valves. Our Car Seals are one-time single-use high security cable seals which cannot be tampered with without showing clear signs and are used to seal valves when either open or closed. Car seals are perfect for usage to seal a valve in the open or closed position as available in different colours (Red & green). Due to the quality of the product they can seal a valve for extremely long durations an example being securing an isolation valve in a closed position.

For more information on how Mega Fortris can help secure your petrochemical requirements please enquire.

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