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As UK companies both manufacturing and importers grapple with the new Plastic Tax 2022 which has been introduced as the UK follows some EU countries to ensure they have a tighter control over plastic waste. Mega Fortris UK are proud to be featured in the Business Focus Magazine, which highlights the steps Mega Fortris has
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Shipping container industry blog image
The UK container shipping industry is a large part of the UK but has been negatively affected by the pandemic and other issues which has raised prices and increased delays. With these issues it is never more important to make sure the valuable container loads are properly protected in transit to against threats due to
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Courier and postal security solutions for protected delivery
The UK courier and postal industry generated £26.4 billion in turnover in 2021 contributing large sums to the national economies. With volumes of letters being delivered in 2020 equaling 10 million and parcels goods amounting to 2.8 billion items. We supply security solutions that provide high quality security from the beginning of the supply chain
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Food and beverage security solutions
The UK food and beverage industry is responsible for huge contributions to the UK economy as well as the movement of a wide range of goods both domestically and internationally. This is shown in the UK being the fourth largest importer of food globally and the second largest importer of drinks, far outweighing the value
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Pharmaceuticals transport and storage blog banner
For the UK economy pharmaceuticals is highly important with the turnover for this sector being over 51 billion pounds placing it in the top 10 national markets holding 2.5% of the global market. As a result of this goods from this sector are highly valuable and highly vulnerable to contamination as well as tampering that
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Chemical security blogs for protection
The chemical industry accounts for more than 4% of goods moved in the UK each year amounting to over 56 million tons. With 57% of these being flammable liquids and a further 11% being classed as corrosive that are therefore dangerous goods. This industry contributes over 53 billion pounds to the UK economy, which due
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Logistics security solutions complete solutions
The UK’s logistics and distribution industry is a vast, complex network, involving over 1,500 warehouse units that each provide more than 100,000 sq ft of space, and more than 493,000 registered commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons. Due to the scale of this operation, road freight transport in 2020 equaled over 144 billion ton-kilometers. With so
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Liftinf slings for any construction lifting operations
There is a growing demand for the movement of large objects that require lifting slings. These objects lack the fastening points required to attach them directly to the crane, as well as being a = wide variety of shapes, sizes, weights, and material that require different solutions. The wealth of objects that require the use
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Shipping industry blog
The Maritime shipping industry is one of the key building blocks in the world trade system with over 80% of goods being moved by sea. With some 18.1 million units equaling 438.9million tons of goods being handled by the UK ports in 2020 it is a thriving global business. Demand has only risen on the
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Courier and delivery services blog
The UK Courier services market sent over 2.8 billion packages in 2020, which is a large increase of 209 million on the previous year. These packages delivered by trucks and over 4.6 million small commercial vehicles on the UK roads. However, this large network is not without fault, Over the last year it is reported
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