Healthcare & NHS Services Mega Fortris have a comprehensive range of products suitable for the Healthcare Sector.

Healthcare Services

We have versatile Pull Tight Seals that can be used to demonstrate whether sealed boxes or enclosures have been opened, for example when transferring drugs from the Pharmacy to individual wards or departments.

We have recently expanded our range of bags & are now able to offer Permanent or Reusable low-level seal bags & envelopes for the safe movement of non-sensitive items. These are available in either Mini Grip or Self-Adhesive form.

The Mega Fortris Autoclave bags can be used for treating bio hazardous (infectious) waste or for sterilising surgical instruments. They are manufactured in strong, pliable, puncture resistant polythene, either clear or orange in colour.

When shipping potentially infectious samples by post or courier, it is essential to take every precaution to prevent exposure to the contents. The Mega Fortris 95kPa bags offer the perfect solution.

The packaging must comply to the regulations recommended by the IATA that the primary or secondary packaging must be able to withstand an internal differential pressure of 95kPa without leakage.

Our Tamper Evident Security Envelopes are available in a range of custom sizes and levels of security. The envelopes can be easily sealed and show clear signs of tampering when breached. Our security envelopes are manufactured from material tough enough to withstand normal handling yet delicate enough to trigger tell-tale signs when tampered with.

The Mega Fortris range of Document & Mail Pouches are suitable for a number of different applications within Clinical & Patient environments.

The low volume flat mail pouches incorporate a tamper evident zip closure and are ideal for the safe transfer of documents between departments.

Our mail pouches with gusset are designed for sending, storing or transporting documents and bulkier items. They have a long edge zip on 3 sides for easy loading and also incorporate a tamper evident zip closure.

All are made from high quality, durable, weather-resistant material.

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