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Uncertainty is the reality facing the Logistics industry at the moment in the months running up to Brexit. It has been suggested that the UK’s leading haulage and logistics corporations will require 50,000 new custom agents to fill gaps and deal with the major delays anticipated in the new year. The implications of the regulations will likely have an impact on most companies and are due to take effect from Jan 1st 2021!

ISO 17712:2013

To ensure your cargo meets the required Industry standards, we recommend that all cargo is sealed and secured by an ISO17712 Certified and HMRC Group 1 UK Customs accepted seal. ISO 17712 certified seals ensure that the mechanical seals are acceptable for securing freight in containers in International commerce and are a recognised standard. The HMRC customs accepted seals have been tested and approved by HMRC and the UK Border force for use on Cargo being imported and exported for the UK.

The Mega Fortris range of security seals have various products which are compliant and certified to both standards.

Container bolt seal blue-open, Container Bolt Lock

Container Bolt lock

The Mega Fortris container bolt lock, is ISO 17712 “H” clause 5&6 certified and UK customs Group 1 accepted, classified as HIGH security. This assures the quality of this product for securing your goods in transit in the view of strict regulations.

Features include:

  • High-carbon steel metallic pin gives increased strength and added security
  • Barrel is made of high impact ABS and moulded on to the high-carbon steel bush
  • Etched laser marking offers highest level of security which cannot be removed or replaced
  • Markings include serial number, customer name/logo and a variation of bar codes

View our full range of ISO certified seals here

Proud manufacturer of a wide range of ISO & UK Customs Certified Seals.

MCLZ 500 Cable Security Seal

MCLZ 500 cable seal is a major step towards improving the security of the Global supply chain. This seal is certified to ISO 17712 “H” clause 5&6 certified and UK customs Group 1 accepted high security. The security features of this unique seal are unmatched to any other currently in the market with its high tamper evident features and protections.

Features include:

  • Non-linear lock body design which prevents shim attacks
  • Non-linear insert hole features a locking mechanism design that offers unmatched protection against picking
  • Shock-proof ABS plastic is moulded over the zinc lock body offering clear signs of tampering
  • Large print space presents clear laser marking of permanent seal numbers, bar code and customer name or logo for unique identification which cannot be altered
  • One way locking mechanism provides fast and easy sealing
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Metal Strip fixed length Seal Domino SP closed

Domino SP

ISO 17712 certified classified as “I”, therefore offering great tamper evidence and security features that are unrivalled for any other metal strip seals currently in the market.

Features Include:

  • Etched with permanent laser marking for names, logos, sequential numbers and barcodes that cannot be removed or replaced
  • Corrosive proof plastic allows marking to stay clear and legible in harsh conditions
  • Heat staked permanent bonding between cap and seal cannot be cut or forced open without evidence
  • Alignment holes allow inspection of sealing
  • Metal is strong and durable conditioned for harsh handling and climates on long haul shipments

Mega Fortris, as market leader, have taken great pride in offering security seals of the highest quality both in performance and certification for decades. Let us help ease your worries in this confusing time surrounding Brexit, by offering assurance for the security of your products and getting you best prepared for the New Year.

To get your supply chain prepared for BREXIT contact our specialist team for your right solution. 

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