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MOST Blog Banner
Logistics is an everchanging industry that has new innovations year on year designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of the supply chain. The latest of these is the MOST device from the Mega Fortris Group. A real time monitoring system designed to help you take full control of your supply chain. This is accomplished
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Container seals and load secure blog banner
Containers transporting cargo worldwide is a market which has been valued at 4.6 billion dollars in 2016 alone and which is expected to rise to 11 billion dollars by 2025. In 2019, global container journeys reached 802 million, of which the UK handled 23.5 million container units weighing 486.6 tonnes. Losses due to theft and
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MCLZ and Domino SP brexit Ireland B;og Banner
Tough Brexit changes has presented many issues for goods moving across the border from not only mainland Europe, but also on routes to Ireland. Increased checks, new regulations and customs duties are now being conducted and making the journey far more complex. Preparation and adapting to this new situation is critical in order to have
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Brexit blog banner repost
Uncertainty is the reality facing the Logistics industry at the moment in the months running up to Brexit. It has been suggested that the UK’s leading haulage and logistics corporations will require 50,000 new custom agents to fill gaps and deal with the major delays anticipated in the new year. The implications of the regulations
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Container Security is paramount to deterring theft, protecting Cargo and eliminating damage during transit. Mega Fortris provide an all-round solution through our wide range of Security Seals and Load Secure equipment. Container Security Mega Fortris provides a range of high-quality container security seals. Some of our flagship products for containers, range from the Container Bolt
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Cargo Being loaded onto Air plane

Department for Transport (DfT) oversees the European regulations to standardise and improve aviation security known as the “Consignor Scheme” for all forms of Air Cargo.

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Various Road Transport Vehicles Parked at a shipping port
With the ever-increasing threat of theft or interference whilst your cargo is in transit, it has never been more essential to secure your assets in our globally-connected world. With Calais crisis and Brexit causing higher risk of theft or migrants breaching your cargo. Security seals have become an even more important part of the supply
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It is with great pleasure, and immense pride, that “Mega Fortris” Is very proud to announce the launch of our latest innovative, (r)evolutionary environmentally friendly, biodegradable, green, range of security seals & solutions. Mega Fortris - the global market leader in the manufacturing of innovative, intelligent security seals and solutions. Our range of biodegradable seals has been developed, due
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Brexit Banner faded background
With the Brexit date just around the corner, the Transport Industry has raised concerns to the Government stating their lost confidence in a well-managed Brexit has collapsed. They have gone further and warned the government officials that it was “too late” to avoid serious disruption when the UK leaves the EU. With ports unsure of
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ISO 17712 and C-TPAT
C-TPAT C-TPAT Compliant Seal There are many security seal manufacturers who claim that they can offer a C-TPAT “Compliant” security seals. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a C-TPAT Compliant seal as the C-TPAT Board does not issue seal certificates or carry out tests on the seal. What is C-TPAT? C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against
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