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Department for Transport (DfT) oversees the European regulations to standardise and improve aviation security known as the “Consignor Scheme” for all forms of Air Cargo. This is where authorised operators are able to apply for their own in-house measures for the security preparation of cargo for air freight. This will allow accelerated cargo movements who follow the set guidelines in the consignor scheme. Cargo of this sort is classified as “SPX Cargo”.

To gain approval on the scheme as a “Known Consignor” the company must apply to the DfT, which is then followed by a visit from DfT accredited validator. If the applicant meets the safety and audit requirements they will be allocated a Unique ID. The safety and audit requirements cover three main aspects:

  1. HR presence at the site inspection to provide details of the recruitment procedures for all staff including a pre-employment check or a criminal background check.
  2. All staff (permanent, temporary/agency staff and drivers) with access to air cargo/mail have received the appropriate aviation security training
  3. Access to the production/sorting area is controlled and the production/sorting process is supervised

Find more information at the: Civil Aviation Authority

Security Seals are at the heart of this process for both the parties, the shipper who is shipping the goods and the logistics operator who handle consignments between locations. Indicative Seals such as Plastic Security Seals, Cable Security Seals, Security Labels and Tapes provides tamper evident security against unauthorised access. Our Plastic Security Seals have been manufactured to show clear signs of tampering on various parts of seal body. Mega Fortris Cable Security Seals are designed with various tamper evident features such as, rigged body to secure laser marking and specially designed wire cable which frays open when cut to prevent resealing. Tamper Evident Non-Residue Security Labels show a void message if the label has been tampered with, customisation of the labels also provides added security.

If the cargo being transported is not from a known consigner, the cargo must be x-rayed and validated, before it can be loaded onto the aircraft. However, if the goods are being transported by a “Known Consigner”, who is accredited under the European Regulations. The consignments can be loaded into the trailer or van at the supplier’s facilities with a security label placed on the van doors for authorised loading. This will allow the consignment to be loaded directly onto the aircraft. Such process allows quicker loading time, and also minimises the strain on regular cargo handlers. If the cargo being transported is not from a known consigner, the cargo must be x-rayed and validated, before it can be loaded onto the aircraft.

Security Seals placed on all cargo being transported are re-checked just before loading, to ensure they have not been tampered with. Mega Fortris’ indicative plastic seals for trailers, cable seals for cargo containers and security labels for vans can assist in making the SPX Cargo process efficient.

All of our security seals are customisable to suit your requirements (i.e. Customer Logo, Company Name, Barcoding, Numbering and more).

Please contact us on 01543 677256 or email to discuss your requirements.

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