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With the Brexit date just around the corner, the Transport Industry has raised concerns to the Government stating their lost confidence in a well-managed Brexit has collapsed. They have gone further and warned the government officials that it was “too late” to avoid serious disruption when the UK leaves the EU.

With ports unsure of the equipment and infrastructure they need to build, we are heading towards long delays at the ports across the UK. With long delays for road transport at both sides of the channel, this gives intruders and migrants the time and opportunity they need to breach your valued goods.

John Keefe (Public Affairs Director) has supported these claims and has warned that any delays would have their biggest impact in the county of Kent because EU border checks are currently carried out on the Folkestone side where there is very little space.

Mega Fortris have been working with the transport industry for decades and understand the importance of ensuring the security of their cargo. We have worked with organisations within the transport industry to develop a driver checklist. This will aid drivers to be more prepared for a hard Brexit and enable a smooth transition through the borders. The driver checklist can be obtained by getting in touch with one of our friendly sales teams at Mega Fortris on 01543 677256 or

Furthermore, we would recommend all cargo entering or leaving the UK to be secured with an ISO 17712 Certified, C-TPAT Compliant and HMRC Group 1 UK Customs Accepted Security Seals. We recommend this due to the uncertainty of the Brexit Deal as the transport industry have not been informed of any regulations for border control.

2K Klicker Bolt Seal

The 2K Klicker is our latest High-Security Bolt Seal with revolutionary features to ensure the highest security is provided to your goods. It features a 2-colour coating of ABS High Impact Plastic to provided added security and tamper-evident features.

The 2K Klicker is ISO 17712, clause 5 & 6 certified. This also means the 2K Klicker conforms to C-TPAT regulations. The 2K Klicker Container Bolt Seal is also HMRC Group 1 UK Customs Accepted. 2K Klicker Bolt Seal provides a strong and secure seal for transportation, while remaining convenient for staff in ports and warehouses. Typical applications of the 2K Klicker include shipping and inter-modal containers and is also widely used for ground transportation.

Features include:

  • Harden Pin to Prevent Hack Saw Attack
  • Two Colour Plastic to Prevent Cloning
  • Anti-Spin Body and Bolt to Prevent Friction Attack
  • Anti-Tampering Bridge

Mega Fortris have been helping organisations minimise their losses for decades. Let us help you prepare for Brexit and minimise your losses.

Contact our friendly team on 01543 677256 or Email us on:

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