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Packaging plays a vital role in almost all industries, whether this be cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or bags. They are all similar in the fact that they all require quality securing solutions to ensure that goods are delivered in the same condition as they are initially sent. The shear amount of goods that require this security is huge with over 5 billion cardboard boxes being used each year in the UK for packaging and deliveries. This adds up to 4,800 million square meters in cardboard alone! Factoring in other forms of packaging also being used in today’s world of increased delivery activities, having the right solution is essential!

There are two parts to providing the appropriate security for goods. Firstly, providing a good strong seal on the packaging that will withstand the stresses of transit. Secondly, the tamper evidence of a seal to clearly show if the goods have been opened or breached with whilst in transit. Without this second feature, sealing methods can potentially be removed and resealed without clear evidence, meaning that goods can be stolen, tampered with, or contaminated. This will ultimately lead to financial losses and loss of confidence.  This is where Mega Fortris tamper evident tape can provide an ideal solution for a wide range of businesses and industries.

Mega Fortris Tamper Evident Security Tape for Securing Packaging

Our tamper evident tapes provide a strong adhesion to surfaces to secure the packaging against opening during transit. If any attempt is made to remove the tape, a clear visual VOID message will appear indicating that the contents have potentially been accessed thereby alerting users to immediately inspect and deal with the contents accordingly.  The tape can also be supplied with perforations and sequential numbers for added security. Also, once the tape has been removed it cannot be re-applied.


This product can be used throughout many industries as it can be used to secure cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, bags and other forms of packaging used to transport goods. Securing goods in distribution centres covering retail products, consumables, electronic goods, cosmetic goods, food and drink deliveries etc are but a few examples.  Due to the versatility of this product, there are several situations where application of the tamper evident tape can mitigate risks in transit. An example of such a scenario is the courier and delivery sector which be found in the video below.

Here at Mega Fortris we provide specialised solutions to enhance supply chain security with innovative features. Find out about more about our Security Tape solutions and more on our website.

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