The UK is on the way to recovery because of the many efforts conducted to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading throughout the community. One such example is the controlled distribution of medicines from Hospitals to Pharmacies/hubs.  In certain areas modified distribution plans have been launched with the aim of reducing footfall to hospitals for collecting prescriptions. This has been achieved by hospitals sending prescriptions directly to local community pharmacists/hubs for the public to collect.

Issues with Local Distribution of Medicines

The process however faces several issues if the medicines are not collected as they are then generally returned to the hospital. Standard packaging for prescription medicines is normally paper bags which are stapled close. During handling and on the return journey to the Hospitals however, the bags can be ripped or torn in transit, thereby making it impossible to tell whether the medicines have remained intact or have been tampered with. Any doubt as to whether the drugs have been tampered with or not means that they must be discarded and cannot be re-used. This can lead to hundreds of thousands of medicines being destroyed unnecessarily.

Providing a solution that both fulfils the purpose of secure transportation of the medicines, and also offering clear tamper evidence for medicines can benefit many NHS trusts using this system. Mega Fortris have the ideal solution for this and similar applications in the form of our Tamper Evident Security bags.

Tamper Evident Security Bags for Medication Sealing and Transporting

Mega Fortris Tamper Evident bags are easy to use and show clear signs of tampering when security is breached. The bag designs are unique and not easy to copy and the material is tough enough to withstand rough handling, yet delicate enough to trigger tell-tale signs when tampered with. Hidden markings are revealed when the security tape closure is tampered with, thus indicating potential tampering / compromising of the contents. The printing to the edges of the bags also prevents cutting and re-sealing of the sides. Also, with the addition of the address panel that can be used to record more information, along with pre-printed barcodes and serial numbers mean these bags are easily identified and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Utilising solutions that can provide optimum security can not only reduce losses and unneeded strains within operations, but can provide clear benefits which can increase efficiency and performance. For more information or enquires about our tamper evident security bags, as well as advice on other solutions, click the button below to get in touch.

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