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Container lashing is a fast and effective load securing system to protect against damage during transit. Container lashing is used due to its versatility for different applications and ease of use in securing different sized objects in containers. There are various applications that can be secured while in transit for example, diesel generator manufacturers, machinery, barrels for the oil and gas industry, exporting of industrial minerals to the mining industry, products in the car industry, consumable products like wet wipes and more. This product is ideal for export and packaging specialists to provide excellent security on behalf of their customers while transporting their goods via various transport methods.

Woven lashing 2-point belt systems

This woven lashing system is fast to apply, efficient which allows this system to replace ratchet strapping, wire rope, chains and complex expensive wooden blocking and bracing. The Advantages of this system are that it can offer linear strengths up to 5000daN with different widths from 32mm – 40mm. This system is used in conjunction with heavy duty buckles to assure high system strength and fast delivery when anchored to the application or container. Our 2-point belt system is certified by DNV GL for load restraint assemblies so is assured to secure your cargo above the break strength requirements for each size of lashing.


Our 2-point belt system can be used to secure a wide variety of goods shipments while traveling via railways, containers, ships, flatracks and Mafi’s.

N5 Container lashing System

This is a preassembled container lashing system to allow fast securing and easy handling. The system itself consists of two variable length ribbons to secure goods in different size containers against forward movement. The 2400mm long ribbon is for use in standard hight containers and the 2600mm long ribbon is used for high cube containers. These ribbons are anchored to the container at 4-points using hooks sewn onto the lashing ribbons connected to Fortris heavy duty pressed steel buckles for high strength. This system offers great security for shipments of goods traveling inside containers.

Systems application

Container lashing systems need to be applied correctly to provide the maximum security when restraining your goods while in transit. The Following video demonstrates the proper securing of the N5 container system and use of the Fortris heavy duty buckles.

Mega Fortris offers high quality container lashing to offer great security for the companies that are exporting or packaging goods for transit. As well as the end user of the goods to prevent physical damage to the products and therefore losses.

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