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The Mini Grip seal is a unique indicative, pull tight seal that features a short strap. Suitable for applications in the retail, logistics, distribution and banking sectors. It is ideal for securing medium and high value goods which are transported in tote boxes or other similar containers.

Mini Grip seal breakdown

The Mini Grip is a strong, compact seal suitable for a wide range of applications. It features a locking system with a metal lock encapsulated in the cap. Which improves the pull strength of the seal, as well as protecting the lock for added security. The strap itself has an embedded ruler marked on the back of the seal, which improves the grip when secured in application. The flag of the seal also features a tuck-away hole that allows the excess strap to be fed back through. Thus preventing accidental snagging or pulling of the seal whilst in application. This seal is also laser marked which cannot be altered, removed or replaced without presenting clear evidence of tampering. Barcoding, Text, Logos are all available upon request.

Biodegradable Seal

As part of the Mega Fortris Environmentally friendly seal range, this seal is also available in a biodegradable material. The biodegradable version can be degraded when in contact with naturally occurring microbes and is fully recyclable. This acts to promote green initiatives for businesses whilst not compromising on strength or features.

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Mega Fortris is committed to developing innovative new products with features that act to improve security for all types of applications and industries. Secure your goods with our extensive range of solutions now. 

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