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The environmental situation facing the world is very concerning and a large part of this is due to plastic waste. With the world currently generating 300 million tonnes of plastic waste a year, a significant portion of this being single use plastic which does not degrade. This has led to as much as 8 million tonnes of plastic waste flowing into the ocean annually, which has been estimated to cost the world more than $2.2 trillion a year in environmental and social damage. With estimates saying that by 2050, without any change, plastic manufacturing could account for 20% of global oil consumption and 15% of global carbon emissions, creating huge environmental concerns. Mega Fortris are extremely aware of the severe negative impact plastics have on the sustainability of our planet, which has led us to develop biodegradable seals, thereby doing our part in securing a greener future.

As a global market leader, providing an environmentally friendly solution and meeting our client’s requirements for a greener supply chain was our priority. With our environmentally friendly and high-performance range of biodegradable seals we achieved this aim! The range offers compostable seals that can be biologically broken down when in contact with naturally occurring microbes, without compromising on function, quality or service life.

We are proud to provide Biodegradable seal versions across our full range of plastic seals, thereby offering eco-friendly options to all our clients.  This is ultimately helping our clients supply chains meet their environmental goals and supporting their green initiatives.

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Proud manufacturer of Environmentally friendly plastic biodegradable seals.


Our biodegradable seals benefit from our commitment to design and development through meeting the required certifications. The products comply with ISO 14021:2016 “Environmental labels and declarations” under the definition of “Biodegradable”.

As market leader, Mega Fortris will continue to innovate to provide products and solutions that meet the growing needs of our clients and also help the environment.

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