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For the UK economy pharmaceuticals is highly important with the turnover for this sector being over 51 billion pounds placing it in the top 10 national markets holding 2.5% of the global market. As a result of this goods from this sector are highly valuable and highly vulnerable to contamination as well as tampering that can cause major losses. We supply a range of products for pharmaceutical security that provide specialized solutions for a wide range of healthcare products.

Pharmaceutical Security Goods

This our range of pharmaceutical security solutions are ideal for securing goods while they are being transported, stored, or protected before with applications including tote boxes, carboard boxes, paper bags, sample containers, prescriptions, glass vials, medical supplies, and medical waste.

This versatile pull tight cable seal is ideal for securing trucks, other vehicles, tote boxes, boxes and more. This seal provides excellent tamper evident security by using a two colour design allowing a white markings area for improved readability of barcoding and information. In addition to the white marking are this seal features a grooved surface that protects serial numbers against rough handling. As well as the use of permanent laser marking for the etching of customized names, logos, sequential numbers, and barcodes further heightens the security of markings. The galvanized steel wire is permanently secured at one end to the locking body, while the other end is secured with the one-way locking mechanism that has a protruding lip to protect the entry and exit hole.

The Fast seal is a durable pull tight solution that is ideal for applications with small apertures or locking facilities by providing great tamper evident features and a strength for its small size. The Security value for this seal comes from its use of heat staking technology to permanently fix the cap to the seal body preventing the seal from being cut or forced open without clear evidence. As well as the use of a metal clip locking mechanism that improves the pull strength of this seal while still allowing flexibility for the strap. This creates a seal that is relatively strong while still being flexible and small enough to fit a lot of applications especially those in the pharmaceuticals industry. Along with the use of permanent laser marking to etch company names, sequential numbering, barcodes, and logos, providing the maximum marking protection against removal or alteration making it highly identifiable.

Pharmaceutical Security for Packaging, vials and more

Our tamper evident bags are ideal for securing medical prescriptions, healthcare supplies, samples, glass vials and syringes against tampering or contamination that cause major disruptions to healthcare supply chain. This solution has numerous tamper evident features to make sure that goods are safe once secured and will arrive at their destination untainted. Firstly, this bag is highly identifiable by using a matte white address panels that is used to record extra information with a ball point pen, as well as printed alphanumeric barcoding and Serial Number with matching receipt. The bags themselves are made from a co-ex-film, which provides resistance to oil, water, and rough handling. Further protection is provided against cutting the sides and resealing by using double-sided welding as well as printed messaging on the bag edges preventing access without clear evidence. The bag opening is easily sealed using a self-adhesive strap which will present a tamper evident void message if the tape is tampered with preventing access to goods.

Pharmaceutical Security Tamper evident tapes and labels

We provide both residue and non-residue tamper evident options for providing enhanced security to containers, boxes, bags, medical goods, glass vials and more. Our range includes tapes and labels, which once the adhesive is applied will present a tamper evident void message if manipulated or removed alerting the user as well as preventing reapplication. Additionally printing of company names, sequential numbers and barcodes is available for easy identification of seals further preventing tampering efforts.

We supply tamper evident labels that are available in a wide range of sizes for specialized security to all pharmaceuticals applications that are made of plastic, cardboard, paper, and glass.

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