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Biodegradable Security Seals

It is with great pleasure, and immense pride, that “Mega Fortris” is very proud to announce the launch of our latest Innovative, Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Green range of security seals & solutions. Mega Fortris – the global market leader in the manufacturing of innovative, intelligent security seals and solutions!

Mega Fortris is fully aware of the impact plastic waste is having on our planet and has taken the necessary steps to do our-part’!

Almost everything that we purchase today comes wrapped in either multiple layers of plastic or in plastic laminated papers. This waste ends up creating a huge problem for our eco-system, as nature’s forces are powerless when it comes to disintegrating plastic back into the elements. What is more, recycling of plastic is no longer economically viable as it requires more energy than what was used to produce it in the first place! Moreover, much of the plastic we put in the blue bin is not fit to be recycled and eventually ends up in landfill regardless.

With new environmental policies, societal concerns and mounting environmental awareness, the emphasis to research and develop new products that are compatible with the environment has escalated to an all-time high. Our answer is Biodegradable Seals!

Our range of biodegradable seals has been developed to deal with the issues now facing our market, who are now even more aware of the need to protect our planet. Therefore, the need to go “GREEN” and environmentally friendly, enables Mega Fortris to remain ahead of the competition, and pioneers in this field.

One of the main advantages to our Biodegradable plastic seals is they can be biologically broken down, in a reasonable amount of time, into their base compounds.

Our biodegradable seals conform to EN13432 European Standard which requires compostable plastic to biodegrade by 90% in 180 days in composting facility. It also meets ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for compostable plastics.

As part of our commitment to helping the Environment we have taken one step further with our load securing range!


Green Strapping

Mega Fortris Group would like to introduce our Green Performance Strapping which is used to secure goods during transit.

We are now able to supply strapping made of recycled raw materials making the strap itself 100% recyclable!

Mega Fortris Environmentally Friendly Performance Strap has been known to generate substantially less waste per meter of strapping:

  • It is lighter and therefore less overall coil weight, as compared to commercially available standard products.
  • Less packaging material
  • Made of recycled material – making it 100% recyclable
  • Greater transport efficiency – (Less CO2), as it is possible to put more metres on coils and pallets.
  • Environmentally friendly energy recovery – in the in-house biomass power plant.

Mega Fortris Green Strap is very cost effective and easy handling:

  • Attractive price per metres of strapping
    • Less waste and thus lower disposal charges
    • Better utilisation of cargo and storage space due to optimised strap length per coil
    • Lower coil weight (about 20kg) and 1-2 strap technology; makes strap changes safe and easy

Mega Fortris Green Strap Sets New Standards for Green Performance:
• An innovation production technology (HSS Process) helps reduce the weight of strapping by 10-15% without altering its dimensions and maximum tensile strength.
• Significant reduction of packaging waste, and enhanced transport efficiency.

In essence for companies to become greener they don’t need to invest millions into research and development, just smaller changes like this can have a big impact as organisations like ourselves do the research for you. It’s a no brainer.

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