Nestle Lorry with Biodegradable Security Seal

Mega Fortris Group are proud to announce our partnership with Nestle in changing their use of single use plastic security seals to Biodegradable Security Seals throughout their transport fleet.

Mega Fortris Group are the world’s first manufacturer of Biodegradable Security Seals. We have helped organisations like Nestle reduce their carbon footprint and reach their goal to reduce its reliance on single use plastics worldwide.

Security Seals are a vital security tool used by logistics departments across various industries, all of whom are currently facing the obstacle to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mega Fortris Group are fully aware of the impact plastic waste is having on our planet and has taken the necessary steps to do ‘our-part’. With new environmental policies, societal concerns and mounting environmental awareness have triggered the search for new products that are compatible with the environment. The answer is Biodegradable Plastic! Our range of biodegradable seals has been developed to deal with the issues now facing our market sectors, who are now even more aware of the need to protect our planet. Biodegradable plastic seals can be biologically broken down in a reasonable amount of time.

Our biodegradable seals are fully compliant with the ISO 14021:1999 Standard under the definition of biodegradable.

Our biodegradable seals conform to EN13432 European Standard and also meet ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for compostable plastics.

Keith Edgar, Managing Director of Mega Fortris (UK) said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Nestlé to introduce the biodegradable seals. Mega Fortris is aware of the impact plastic waste is having on our everyday lives, and is continually working on sustainability to the environment and are very pleased that Nestlé also recognise the importance of this.”

If you would like Mega Fortris Group to help you make the switch to “Biodegradable Seals” please get in touch with us on 01543 677256 or email

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