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Secure your Rail Cargo!!

Many organisations have opted to use Rail transport as their main source of goods delivery, may it be for Aviation Industry, Steel Industry, Pharmaceuticals, or even Retail. One thing they all have in common is the issues they face during the transit of their good from one location to another. Many believe that it is harder for their goods to be stolen from a Rail cart than it is to be stolen from the back of a trailer. However this is not the case with many incidents increasing of goods being stolen from moving trains. We know it sounds something out of a movie, maybe Fast & Furious style thefts. Maybe not that much action, however the point is goods do get stolen and companies are losing thousands of pounds worth of goods.

Furthermore now it’s coming up to the Christmas period many companies are gearing up to get their products to the shelves as soon as possible, or maybe fill up their warehouse beforehand to ensure they have enough stock. In any case they will have to use some sort of transport may it be Rail, Sea, or Land.

In our previous blogs we have provided our customers with information on transport through Land and Sea, this time we would like to inform our customers about the security of Rail Transport.

As some of you may know Mega Fortris have been securing Cargo for many years now, providing the best transport solutions from Security Seals to Load securing through the help of their sister company Fortris Load Secure (Also a part of Mega Fortris Group). This week we will list a number of seals which we believe will provide our customers with the highest level of security for their Cargo being transported through Rail.

The following are seals which we would recommend companies using Rail Transport to secure your goods:

2K Klicker – High Security Container Bolt seals are used to secure shipping containers, trucks and trailers. The 2K Klicker Bolt Seal provides a strong and secure seal for transportation, while remaining convenient for staff in ports and warehouses. Typical applications of the 2K Klicker bolt seal include shipping and intermodal containers. The 2K Klicker bolt seal is also widely used for ground transportation. Find out more here: 2K Klicker

Cable Lock 500 – The MCL 500 Cable Seal is very user-friendly and highly tamper evident. It is available with different cable lengths to secure various applications with different security requirements. The MCL 500 is compliant to International Standard ISO 17712:2013 and has also been tested against C-TPAT Regulations, which classifies this cable lock as a high security seal. Find out more here: Cable Seal 5mm

Carrier Cable Seal – The CCS 350 is a strong and durable high security seal with good tamper evidence that has been designed for high security requirements. It’s simple yet durable design makes it very user-friendly and suitable for usage in various applications.

Mega Bolt Lock – The Mega Bolt Lock is a specially designed container bolt seal made of hardened steel. The long angled and the special bolt head design gives the Mega Bolt Lock extra security features for high security transport applications.

Bar Seal – The MF Bar is made of high-strength steel construction. The actual locking mechanism – is embedded in the groove in the metal bush, making the seal stronger and more difficult to tamper. Typical applications of the MF Bar seal include shipping and intermodal containers. Find out more here: High Security Barrier Seal

The Seals listed above are just a few of the solutions we provide there are many others to be viewed on our Website – Mega Fortris UK

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