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The UK’s logistics and distribution industry is a vast, complex network, involving over 1,500 warehouse units that each provide more than 100,000 sq ft of space, and more than 493,000 registered commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons. Due to the scale of this operation, road freight transport in 2020 equaled over 144 billion ton-kilometers. With so many moving parts, logistics security protections is a serious factor and according to the Home Office, Road freight crime costs the UK economy over £250 million every year.

Logistics security can be provided in many different forms and at different points in the supply chain. Mega Fortris UK provide security solutions that fulfill all requirements throughout storage, packing, transport and delivery. This includes effectively securing loads against damage from impacts or strain, as well as preventing tampering or unauthorized access to goods.

Find out more bellow about what solutions can be applied to each stage of the logistics and distribution supply chain.

Logistics security for warehousing & Distribution centers

Plastic Tote boxes and other applications

Plastic Tote boxes are ideal for securing and transporting a wide range of goods.

The Fast seal is a durable plastic seal that is ideal for providing enhanced security to applications with small apertures such as Tote boxes. It features a metal locking mechanism which provides it with excellent pull strength. The cap and lock body are fixed together using heat staking technology which provides great resistance against being forced open and resealed without showing clear evidence. The seals are also etched with permanent laser marking which offers the highest level of security as it cannot be rubbed off.

The Mini Grip seal is a plastic pull tight seal with an integral metal locking jaw designed to provide a greater pull strength and level of security. It features embedded marking on the back of the seal strap to provide an increased grip, and a slit hole function that allows the excess strap to be secured after locking thereby eliminating any snagging hazards. The Mini Grip seal also utilizes permanent laser marking to etch identification information onto the seal that cannot be removed or tampered with.

Roll Cages

Roll cages are commonly used for securing and moving goods.

The fast seal 3.5 provides increased durability for higher security requirements, with a thicker strap that also supports a larger flag allowing more than ample room for laser etched security markings of company names, logo, sequential numbers, and barcodes. This increased size and durability makes it ideal for tightly securing roll cage doors.

Boxes and packaging

The security of packages is the first line in defense for goods whilst in transit. It is therefore essential to provide a secure seal on the applications which will prevent the opening and resealing of goods without evidence.

Tamper evident security labels and tapes are amongst the simplest logistics security solutions but are extremely effective by easily alerting the user to potential security breaches. Once the adhesive has been securely stuck down on the application, any manipulation or lifting of the labels or tape will display a clear void message. This tamper evident void message can appear in a variety of ways depending on the solution type being residue or non-residue. Our non-residue labels will not mark the application surface but will display a clear void message on the label face preventing the adhesive from being reapplied. Alternatively, our residue labels and tapes will leave a void message on the application, together with a void on the label/tape and is also impossible to reseal.

Load protection and warehouse storage

Effectively securing and storing goods to prevent damage, as well as being ready for transit is important part of the logistics supply chain.

We supply polyester composite strapping that is ideal for securing palletized goods for storage or transit. It has an outstanding system strength without the hazard of sharp edges that can damage goods and cause injury. The untwisted polyester yarn has the additional benefit of a high shock absorption rate and elastic elongation that retains a high level of tension even on contracting packaging ideal for longer haul journeys or storage. As well as this, polyester strapping is resistant to all weather conditions, so it won’t rust or rot, which is ideal for transit or when being exposed to external influences in loading bays.

We also supply all the products needed to secure the strapping system effectively including the following:

Tensioner available in 20mm, 25mm & 40mm made from the highest quality materials to deliver high pretention to the strapping system. 

These Steel Buckles are ideal for closing our composite strapping systems with corrosion resistance and excellent for improving system strength.

Allows efficient use of composite strapping Dispenser while two side plates to prevent lateral movement of the coil and a band break to prevent excessive de-coiling.

We provide a wide range of edge protectors that are ideal for preventing damage to goods when under tension or physical stress. Our diverse selection of edge protectors includes different sizes and shapes making them ideal for a wide range of applications such as cardboard or plastic boxes, paper goods, chemical barrels, and chemical and liquid containers etc.

This is a plastic stretch film that is used to wrap around palletized goods and will retain tension for long periods that keeps items tightly bound. Additionally, once wrapped goods are protected against weather and other external effects whilst in storage or transit.

Logistics security for transport methods

We supply security solutions for protecting goods in all kinds of transport including lorries, trucks, trailers, vans, and other small commercial vehicles.

Trucks with large loads or longer journey times

For the logistics and distribution industry any vehicles that are moving high value goods or on longer haul routes have increased security requirements due to increased risk.

MCL cable seals are extremely versatile and can serve a wide range of applications with their excellent tamper evident features and various cable lengths and thicknesses. This seal uses a one-way locking mechanism to allow an easy to apply tight fit onto the application. The seal body uses a rib pattern and anodized finish to protect marking against rough handling and any corrosion effecting the identification properties of the seal. The Markings themselves are etched with permanent laser marking that provides the highest resistance to tampering.

The Domino SP is a tamper evident security seal that is ISO 17712 certified making it ideal for securing trucks and trailers. The Domino SP uses ultrasonic welding between the cap and seal, which cannot be cut or forced open without evidence of tampering. This seal has a Strong and durable metal strap fit for harsh handling and climate elements. It is fixed to the body which is manufactured from corrosion proof plastic for the marking surface. The lock body has a clear laser marking area for permanent seal number, bar code and customer name or logo.

Short haul lorry, light loads, or small commercial vehicle transit

We supply security solutions that are ideal for supporting vehicles with lower security requirements such as moving lower value loads.

The MCLP 2K cable seal is a versatile solution that provides excellent security and high tamper evident properties. This seal uses a two-colour high impact ABS material molded over the zinc body that enhances the tamper evident features. The markings are laser etched onto the seal for maximum security and it features a grooved marking surface which makes it impossible to tamper with the markings. This seal is ideal for securing goods in trucks and commercial vehicles.

The FleetLock fixed length seal is perfect for providing tamper evident security for trucks moving goods between local distribution centres and hubs. The seal is applied to the truck door and features a double locking mechanism, which when locked properly, has toes which protrude through the back of the locking chamber. This feature ensures proper sealing and prevents tampering via the back of the seal. In addition to this, security breaking lines allow easy removal of the seal by hand, and prevent broken seals being glued or welded back together without leaving clear evidence of tampering. The FleetLock also features a large flag area with ample space for customized information which is etched with permanent laser marking.

The Simulock is a premium plastic trailer door seals that is ideal for providing easy identification of tampering in transit for road transport. This seal has an inspection window to allow quick inspection of the locking mechanism. The window is ultrasonically welded onto the seal and cannot be forced or cut open without clear evidence. Sealing is accomplished with a simultaneous double locking mechanism that adds to the tamper resistance of this seal. In addition, this seal features snapping points that allow easy removal of the seal while also making it impossible to reapply a broken seal without evidence. The Simulock uses permanent laser marking to etch company name, logo and sequential numbers on the seal strap which cannot be removed without clear evidence.

Load Protection for Transport

In addition to strapping and pallet wrap that can be used to support goods for storage and transport, we offer further products that can be used to protect loads in transport.

Dunnage bags are an ideal solution for securing goods in transit by filling voids that prevent movement or the unbalancing of loads. Dunnage bags can be supplied in paper or a woven alternative that provides more durability for heavy duty loads or sharp edges. This solution is available in multiple sizes to provide support for all road transport types regardless of loading configuration.

Desiccant bags are designed to remove excess moisture within the truck or container that prevents humidity damage to labels, packaging, or the goods themselves by preventing the development of mold when in transit. We supply desiccant in bag or pole form which allows for applications by hanging from lashing or strapping points as well as being placed on top of the pallets or goods.

Find out more about our extensive range of products of the logistics and distribution network on our website or contact our expert team today for enquiries or advice on the best solutions for you.

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