Liftinf slings for any construction lifting operations

There is a growing demand for the movement of large objects that require lifting slings. These objects lack the fastening points required to attach them directly to the crane, as well as being a = wide variety of shapes, sizes, weights, and material that require different solutions. The wealth of objects that require the use of lifting slings is no more apparent than the construction industry, which is one of the UK’s largest sectors employing over 9% of the national workforce. Examples of these applications are objects such as timber frame systems, timber, blocks of different kinds and metals. All these applications present different issues in terms of the type of sling and lifting type required because the lifting point should always be above the center of gravity of the loads for safe lifting.

Our range includes round continuous loop slings as well as slings that utilizes eyes at each end that can then be hooked onto the crane. This allows support for any lifting type, what follows is an introduction to our sling types with their benefits and features.

Our Lifting Slings range:

All our lifting slings have a high strength to weight ratio while using 100% polyester materials that also prevents damage to smooth or delicate objects during lifts. Additional benefits of this materials are its ability to operate in a wide range of environments, being able to handle exposure to liquids, acids, or bleaches without becoming brittle which will affect the safety of the lift.

The single use one way sling is an endless loop, which is popular for securing various load sizes and types for lifting. This sling is made of 100% polyester and is ideal for securing timber housing panels, roof trusses, and other assembly functions. This sling is also available in a wide range of sizes with widths starting from 25mm to 50mm and the overall circumference of the sling itself ranging from 600mm – 16mt with other sizes available on request. Furthermore, this sling allows increased efficiency through the ability to build the sling into the structure themselves. Attaching the sling to designated load balance points in advance, leaving no need to re-sling the structure saving time on site for the fastest build time. In addition to this the sling itself is manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 1492-1:2000 to assure the quality of this product to reduce chances of losses due to damages.

Our Flat web slings provide a high economic strength to width ratio. This sling is a flat sling with a reinforced polyester eye at each end of the strap for securing the load. Available in various lengths and a strap width ranging from 30mm to 300mm. With a maximum working load limit of 10000kg, common applications are for uses as a crane sling or heavy-duty sling for large loads. This provides a solution to moving heavy loads, larger timber constructions or other building materials without using multiple slings. This sling is manufactured in accordance with EN 1492-1:2000 & EN1492-2:2000 assuring each sling can provide maximum strength and quality.

This product provides a round 100% polyester yarn sling that is protected by a polyester seamless outer layer that supports straight or choke lifts. When lifting the round sling compresses that provides a secure grip on the load, which is ideal for polished, greasy or cylindrical products. This sling is available is various sizes and safe workloads ranging from 1000 to 12,000kg as well as having a wide temperature use range.

This sling is highly versatile product that supports the widest range of lifting types including being directly connected to the goods, choke lifts, basket lifts and more. The safe working loads for these slings’ ranges from 500 to 10,000kg.

Supporting Products For Lifting Slings

We provide durable polyester woven strapping that can be used in addition to our lifting slings. Get in touch with our expert team for more information and enquiries on how this can be used to assist lifting functions.

Our range of slings provide a solution for every lifting situation, including properly securing your goods whatever the shape, size, or weight, as well as safeguard against damages caused by abrasion or strain.

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