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The UK Courier services market sent over 2.8 billion packages in 2020, which is a large increase of 209 million on the previous year. These packages delivered by trucks and over 4.6 million small commercial vehicles on the UK roads. However, this large network is not without fault, Over the last year it is reported 1 in 10 people have had a package stolen or lost which totals over 5.5 million people. This is due to the many access points that need security throughout the warehousing, distribution centres and transit processes.

Meeting the many requirements and applications in this industry needs a diverse range of solutions. Mega Fortris supplies high quality products developed to provide the best quality for the situation, whether that is a strong seal, counterfeiting protection, industry leading tampering features or clear indicative properties to increase operational efficiency.

Courier service security applications

Packages and Box security

Many goods that are handled by the courier and delivery services that require secure packaging for transit to protect against damage, theft and tampering. Once goods are acceptably packed, they must be sealed, depending on the type of packaging there are several solutions available as follows:

Tamper evident labels have the advantage of not only providing a strong seal on cardboard boxes, packages, envelopes, and reusable plastic boxes, but also providing clear signs if goods have been accessed. This is accomplished with a tamper void message displayed when the label is lifted from the surface leaving clear signals that the goods have been accessed or opened in transit. This product is available in two options, with partial transfer labels leaving a trace of the void message on the surface after removal. Opposed to non-transfer labels that leave a clean surface and a tamper void message on the label face allowing reuse of the box or container. Once removed both the labels cannot be reapplied making tampering without evidence impossible.

Tamper evident security tapes like labels provide a level of security beyond a strong seal with there ability to prevent access to your goods without evidence. Leaving a clear residue void message on cardboard boxes that allows quick and easy identification of any breaches throughout the distribution process.

The Fast seal is a pull tight plastic seal developed to provide excellent security features for compact applications such as tote boxes used in distribution centres and hubs for goods transport. The Fast seal uses a metal locking mechanism for increased pull strength. With the added choice of polypropylene or nylon also increases the strength to go with the flexibility depending on the goods being secured. In addition to this the fast seal uses heat staking technology to permanently fix the cap to the seal body that is too strong to be cut or forced open with clear evidence. This seal is etched with permanent laser marking on the seal flag that provides the highest protection against removal or replacement. This seal also supports colour coding with a white based seal and different coloured caps to support distribution efforts through organisation.

Courier Services Van, Truck and Lorry Security

Once products are packaged, they will be moved onto the distribution system. This system includes many stages ranging from large volume shipments from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to central hubs to smaller localised deliveries from smaller distribution centres. Each of these stages requires solutions for securing the rear doors on lorries, trailers and small commercial vehicles. Solution types are as follows:

The MCLP 2K (Mini cable lock premium) is a quality cable seal with a 2-colour design that makes it highly tamper evident and easy to identify. The ABS material molded over the zinc locking body provides increased strength and clear signs of tampering or manipulation efforts. By using permanent laser marking on the 2-colour surface increases the readability of barcodes and seal information. Also featuring a grooved surface to stop friction and abrasion that is caused by rough handling from damaging marking information. The galvanized steel wire uses a one-way locking mechanism to offer an easy pull tight fit on the application. Due to the excellent level of tamper evident protection and durability this seal offers makes it ideal for securing trucks and trailers used to move large loads and high value goods between major hubs and distribution centers.

The Fleetlock seal is a fixed length plastic seal that is sturdy and designed to give more than any other fixed length seal. This seal has several features that makes it difficult to tamper with the seal once properly seals. Such as interlocking toes that protrude through the back of locking chamber preventing tampering through the back of the seal as well as ensuring proper sealing. Featuring a double locking mechanism, as well as a stopper to prevent seal being compromised. Security breaking lines are used at the snapping points to allow removal, but also preventing broken seals being reapplied by gluing or welded together without evidence. Alongside its tamper evident features this seal has a large flap with ample space for customised information, etched with permanent laser marking providing the highest marking protection and easy identification. This seal is ideal for securing truck, trailer and van doors for small loads and local deliveries by providing excellent tampering protection for safe deliveries for destination across the UK.

Mega Fortris Provide a large range of seals and solutions that are made to provide assurances to users that their goods have the maximum protection in complex operations like the courier and delivery services.

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