Courier and postal security solutions for protected delivery

The UK courier and postal industry generated £26.4 billion in turnover in 2021 contributing large sums to the national economies. With volumes of letters being delivered in 2020 equaling 10 million and parcels goods amounting to 2.8 billion items. We supply security solutions that provide high quality security from the beginning of the supply chain in the large distribution centers through to local deliveries. Find out about our many tampers evident security solutions for securing packages and letters as well as transport methods bellow.

Courier and Postal solutions

Tamper evident cable seal with a two colour design allowing easy readability of markings as well as durable security.

The MCLP 2K cable seal is a solution that uses a galvanized steel wire rope which is permanently fixed at one end into the lock body, with the other end secured using one way locking system for a tight fit on the application. Along with this the lock body combines a strong metal construction with a molded high impact ABS layer providing additional strength as well as a two colour design with a white marking area for easy readability. This seal is etched with permanent laser marking for company names, logos, sequential numbers, and barcodes for maximum marking protection. Which is further protected by a grooved surface to protect serial numbers from rough handling and the marking area features a waved design to further protect information.

This seal is used to secure trucks and small commercial vehicles with valuable loads in when they are moving goods between distribution centers and local delivery warehouses.

Plastic fixed length seal which provides easy to inspect tamper evident protection to vehicles.

This fixed length plastic seal is a security solution that is designed to resist tampering efforts while also being easy to identify. This is accomplished by using a double locking mechanism. which allows one way sealing with the clasps protruding from the back of the locking chamber preventing tampering through the back of the seal. Additionally, this seal is created with security breaking lines which prevent a removed seal from being reapplied using glue or welding without clear evidence. Along with a large flap area that is used for permanent laser markings of name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code which is irreversible and cannot be altered without clear evidence.

This seal is ideal for securing trucks and small commercial vehicles for local deliveries or smaller loads being moved shorter distances.

Tamper evident plastic pull tight seal with a thin tail and a metal clip locking mechanism for applications with small apertures.

The Fast seal uses a metal locking mechanism for increased pull strength. Additionally, this seal uses heat staking technology to permanently fix the cap to the seal body that is too strong to be cut or forced open with clear evidence. This seal is etched with permanent laser marking on the seal flag that provides the highest protection against removal or replacement. This seal also supports colour coding with a white based seal and different coloured caps to support distribution efforts through organisation.

This seal is ideal for securing tote boxes and tagging of goods in distribution centers. With the Fast seal 3.5 version providing a thicker tail that is ideal for securing roller cages which are used to move goods around warehouses.

Courier and Postal Tamper Evident Packaging Protection

Tamper evident security tape for sealing boxes preventing reapplication with void messaging and adhesive residue clearly signifying entry.

By using tamper evident security tape is used to enhance protection without serious changes to a supply chain therefore not affecting operation efficiency. Once this adhesive tape is secured onto the application surface it will produce a tamper void laminate if removed with clear residue on the subsurface. Which prevents reapplication of the tape and leaves clear evidence or removal in transit with identifying sequential numbers printed onto the tape further preventing tampering efforts.

For securing cardboard boxes and packages for delivery services.

Tamper evident security labels in both residue and non-residue versions for securing goods by preventing opening and resealing without clear evidence.

These labels are easy to use and available in different sizes to properly fit the application to fully prevent any tampering, unauthorized opening, and potential fraud.

For securing boxes, packages, envelopes, tote boxes and other containers for goods.

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