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The UK container shipping industry is a large part of the UK but has been negatively affected by the pandemic and other issues which has raised prices and increased delays. With these issues it is never more important to make sure the valuable container loads are properly protected in transit to against threats due to the higher exposure to danger. Our range includes high security seals and load secure solutions that provide full security to loads against tampering threats or environmental issues in transit.

Container Shipping security seals

We supply a range of ISO 17712 certified and UK customs accepted high security seals ideal for container shipping which combine reliable barrier sealing with excellent tamper evident features.

The Klicker 2K bolt seal is a durable container seal with a hardened steel pin and bush as well as an anti-spinning one-way locking mechanism which prides further protection from external forces. This seal is molded in high impact pp material further strengthening the seal against attacks, while also adding excellent tamper evident features such as discoloration when manipulated clearly signifying tamper attacks. Additionally, the plastic molded pin and barrel support a two-colour design for a white backed marking area for clear definition of seal information. This seal uses permanent laser marking to etch company names, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code for maximum protection against alteration or replacement.

The container bolt lock has a hardened steel pin and bush, with a pp molded over the bush for a plastic barrel allowing a ribbed design to prevent damage and tampering with the seal markings. The marking themselves are etched with permanent laser marking with company names, logos, serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes available.

The MF bar seal is a high strength metal seal with a variety of adjustable locking positions which are sealed with the use of a hardened bolt seal allows precise securing on the container’s central bars. Both the bar and bolt seal are laser marked with sequential numbers and barcodes to prevent tampering efforts such as part substitution.

The MCL is a high security cable seal with an aluminum body which has an anodized finish allowing solid colours and corrosion resistance for seal markings. In addition to this the seal body features a ribbed design to further protect permanent seal markings from rough handling making it impossible to remove or replace seal information without evidence. Marking of company names, logos, serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes are available on this seal. Alongside this the MCL uses a one-way locking mechanism, which allows a tight fit on the container door for maximum protection. The non-preformed galvanized steel wire will unravel if cut preventing reapplication and provides clear evidence of tampering.

Container Shipping Load Securing Solutions

we offer our N5 and N6 lashing systems that provides 4 lashing points with its vertical straps largely improving the pull strength, while offering 2 to 4 horizontal straps to secure goods at any height in the container. These systems are easy to handle and are available in strap widths ranging from 32mm to 40mm for a wide range of applications.

Our woven lashing belts are easy to apply using two lashing points making them a versatile solution for securing goods at any point in the container. With lashing belt widths available from 32mm to 40mm supporting system strengths up to 8000kg when sealed using steel pressed buckles.

We supply paper and woven bags that provide load securing solutions to a wide array of load types due to the sizes available as well as the different features provided by each bag. The paper bags are designed with the Mega flow valve to provide fast efficient inflation for filling of voids within containers preventing movement and unbalances. While the Woven bag adds to this with the use of two layers, an inner woven layer guarantees air tightness under high pressures with the outer resilient polypropylene layer providing chemical and solvent resistance. This makes this the ideal option for larger heavier loads that need more durable solutions especially in longer haul journeys.

Pallet wrap is used to enhance protection for unit loads, especially those on pallets. By stretching around the goods with excellent elastic retention properties, which keep wrapped items stable and compact helping to reduce movement or stress. In addition to protecting items against dust, weather, and limit spillages if containers are damaged. This is ideal for heavy loads that need extra support or goods that are vulnerable to damage in transit.

Pallet Label

The pallet label is a tamper evident solution designed to provide protection over the stretch wrap and banding with dimensions of 220mm x 220mm, which prevents access to the inner cartons without clear evidence. With the additional benefit of a wide range of options for information including a large area suitable for writing the Courier name, Facility information, Bill of lading/manifest and number of pieces on the pallet. Alongside printing of company logos, company names, sequential numbers, barcodes and QR codes making these labels highly identifiable preventing copies.

MOST Device 

The MOST is a cargo monitoring device with accurate digital sensors for recording position, light, temperature, shock, and humidity with pre-calibrated alerts for excess exposure to issues. This solution allows proactive action to improve supply chains and eliminate issues associated with container shipping.

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