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The chemical industry accounts for more than 4% of goods moved in the UK each year amounting to over 56 million tons. With 57% of these being flammable liquids and a further 11% being classed as corrosive that are therefore dangerous goods. This industry contributes over 53 billion pounds to the UK economy, which due to the hazardous nature of the goods makes proper chemical security a high priority to prevent losses or dangerous situations.

We provide solutions for the chemical industry including load securing and security seals to prevent damages. Applications include chemical industry tankers, barrels, chemical containers, containers and more.

Chemical security products

The Fast seal is a compact pull tight seal that is designed for providing quality tamper evident security to applications with small apertures. Due to this the fast seal is an ideal for many chemical security applications such as vales or entry points on tanker trucks, IBC chemical containers, ISO chemical containers and more. This seal uses heat staking technology that is too strong so cannot be forced or cut open without clear evidence, in addition to the metal clip one way locking mechanism that both improve the strength of this seal while retaining the flexibility. In addition to this the flag is etched with permanent laser marking that provides the highest marking protection against removal or alteration.

The MCLP 2K cable seal is the improved version of the MCLP cable seal featuring improved tamper evident security and marking protection to improve identifiability of seal. This seal is ideal for securing chemical containers, tankers, trucks, and other transport types. Features include a two colour molded design that provides a clear white marking area that improves readability of markings and barcodes. Additionally, this molded design also clearly signifies tampering with the seal body through discoloration of the material. The marking area supports the etching of company names, logos, sequential numbers, and barcodes with permanent laser marking which is further protected by a grooved surface to resist rough handling. Galvanized seal wire rope is secured in the one-way locking mechanism that is protected by a zinc cast protruding lip on the entry and exit hole improving the seals resistance against tampering.

The MCL cable seals are available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 5mm designs to cater for various levels of security requirements. This seal uses a one-way locking mechanism to allow an easy to apply tight fit onto the application. Also, this seal body uses a rib pattern and anodized finish to protect marking against rough handling and any corrosion assisting in the identification properties of the seals. The Markings themselves are etched with permanent laser marking that provide the highest resistance to tampering efforts for maximum security for your goods. This seal can fulfil a wide range of applications and security levels including high value large loads in trucks, containers, tankers and more across the chemical industry.

Composite strapping is available in widths ranging from 13mm to 32mm and traction forces ranging from 300 daN to 2600 daN to fit various load securing requirements. This strap has many features that make it ideal for the chemical industry including a high strength to weight ratio as well as a high shock absorption rate in transit to limit load movement even on longer hauls. Due to the material properties this strap cannot rot or rust it is resistant to all weather conditions and UV effects as well as having a high abrasion protection making it less vulnerable to wear as well as not having sharp edges that can damage goods. As a result, applications for this strapping include chemical barrels, chemical containers and boxes that need to be loaded into trucks, trailers, or containers for transit long or short distances.

This are plastic products designed to fit close to the barrel edges to prevent straps of up to 50mm from slipping off while the load is destabilized. This allows excellent security for chemical barrels while in transit to prevent movement.

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