Security Seals for Casinos

The Card Deck Boxes are used for sealing 8 decks of playing cards ensuring no foul play or pre-shuffling of cards is made before they go out to the playing area. The Casino Box containing the cards are then transported from card room to respective pits and tables, in the mass gaming floor as well as VIP floor ready for play with peace of mind that they have not been pre-tampered as fully secured with the Card Deck Box and a Deck Box Seal.

The Deck Box Seal is used to seal the Card Deck Box for card protection which would be broken off once it reaches its respective table in the casino and cannot be resealed without showing signs of tampering. Usually, 2 colours will be deployed; 1 colour to seal the Card Deck Box containing new cards to be taken from the card room to the tables; the second colour to seal the Card Deck Box containing used cards from the tables to the card room for destruction.

Tamper Evident Bags are often used in the cage department; These bags are good for keeping cash/coins/chips in the cage department fully secure. For the Tamper Evident Bags, the chamber has to be secured with Bag Arrow Seals which are numbered to show tamper evidence between closing/opening by recording the numbering.

We also offer one time use Cash Bags which come in opaque and transparent and are used in the cage/cash department for securing cash and can be wrote on to track the contents.

A Pull Tight Security Seal which features a triple locking mechanism and inspection window that provides higher security and sealing capabilities can be used to seal slot machines in between mechanical checks. Can also be used on the dice shakers to ensure that the dice are not swapped for counterfeit dice before play.

Tamper Evident Labels can be used to seal slot machines and fit covertly on the openings of the mechanics of the machines. These labels are highly versatile and can also be used to seal playing cards once the cards arrive from the card manufacturer.

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